7 thoughts on “Praying More Effectively (Video)

  1. Charles James Martin Reply

    Dear Brian,
    Your message is concise and the highest expression of love. The Christ idea, man in the image and likeness of God, is tender and strengthening. God, our Father-Mother, is embracing us with the peace of divine truth.

  2. Susan Collins Reply

    Thank you so much! The wonderful setting; accompanying music, – and great photography all contributed to a moving, practical, inspired time. It’s so
    inter-denominational too, – with the Lord’s Prayer. Thanks so much. This is
    pertinent to any and all, seeking more information about communing with their Father/Mother.

  3. Evelyn Brookins Reply

    I shared this video with a relative – it was so inspiring.

  4. Pam Wade Reply

    I read about a first reader who is a rep on a local institutional committee who prepare a reading once a month using the local committee topic of study and announces it at the service so all are prepared to support the work of the chaplain. Well, I thought I’d try it and wow what a wonderful response! One attendee told about her experience years ago when she and her husband read services at the jails. A Reading Room worker watched the videos on this website and that very day got a call from a woman asking about how Christian Scientists were dealing with Obama Care. The worker referred her to this website and the videos that did an excellent job of explaining what we believe, how we pray and the chaplain interviews. When the woman heard about the chaplain work she couldn’t wait to end the conversation and get on the website. I was thrilled with the enthusiastic response! What a great tool we have at our fingertips. Thanks for sharing this idea!

  5. Molly Combs Reply

    Brian`s video on praying is such a simple, clear guide to effective prayer. This is an easy path for anyone who wants to learn to pray. Thanks.

  6. tawnycleveland Reply

    Thank you Brian and Gabriel! This is a lovely way to start my day. My prayer is that this will be watched by many and bring healing. I am sharing this with my Sunday School class next Sunday!

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