Family unity–from Chaplain J.

Hands in unison

Here is some fruitage from our study of “the fields are white to harvest”. I received a letter in Spanish asking for literature and was able to find this fellow and share El Heraldo and Christian Science Monitors.  We talked and he said he found Christian Science from another inmate who talked to him about The Mother Church in Boston, but he didn’t know the fellow’s name and he had transferred. The inmate said he’d had our address for a few months but just finally decided to write. He wanted a Spanish Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. He had asked for prayer for his family in his letter and when I asked about them he began to cry, hiding his face from the other inmates. He said he hadn’t heard from his wife in a while and that she has no family to help her here. I told him she DOES have family, that her Father-Mother, God is caring for her and his children and that he could pray for her. I turned him to 1Cor. 13 to study till I return with his Science and Health. He was concerned that he would transpack [transfer] before I returned, but I assured him that we would find a way to get it to him.  Well, two weeks later and one attempt to get there sooner, he was just beaming when I saw him.  He was so excited to get the Science and Health and wanted 10 other inmates to meet me and be introduced to Christian Science.  Then he announced that he had a testimony! He said that many there knew that his wife had sent him divorce papers (I was unaware of this) three months earlier and that he cried most every night in his bunk, but a few days after I was there he received a letter from her telling him to tear up the divorce papers and that she loves and misses him. He wants to tell everyone he meets about Christian Science and share it with the world when he gets out.

AND he transpacked the next day after I saw him, but there is a Chaplain at the next prison that will be able to help him in his study. Something he was just insisting on as we sat and talked before I left.

Chaplain J. works at an institution that does not allow personal identification of volunteers.

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  1. Charles James Martin Reply

    This article radiates with Christly love. It has offered an individual practical spiritual assistance that resulted in healing for him. His joy is palpable. His gratitude to God and the chaplain is profound.

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