Read how prayer alone healed these inmates of “incurable” diseases

Breaking through

Christianity is practical. It restores lives. It harmonizes relationships. It mends hurts. And it also heals the body.

As Jesus taught, one’s health and well-being are the natural result of assimilating more of the nature and character of God and His love. As ones heart becomes purer—as it becomes more aligned with the nature of God–the body is also transformed.

Here are four unique stories of healing and restoration as a result of prayer.

 An “incurable virus” healed

An inmate in a state prison, who is a Muslim, asked the visiting Christian Science Chaplain to come to his cell.  The man had many good things to say about Mary Baker Eddy (the founder of Christian Science), and told the Chaplain she was the only person who really understood Jesus and could explain accurately how he healed.  The inmate then requested a copy of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Eddy. He also requested  the weekly Bible Lesson to read as well as the CD version so he could listen to it. Which he did. Immediately following that, the man said he decided to try Christian Science healing to see if it “worked”. He prayed and then he heard the words, “You are healed”.  As a result, what was a long standing case of the herpes virus was healed.

Diseased liver normalized
An inmate in one of the state prisons had been medically diagnosed with a diseased liver.  Further testing results indicated that the man’s liver was becoming worse. The man began praying and asking God to heal him.  As a result of praying each day, he began to feel better. During this time the medical testing also continued to monitor the inmate’s health. All during this time, the inmate was using what he was reading in Science and Health, by Eddy, and studying the weekly Bible Lessons. The inmate’s last medical test showed that his liver was back to normal. The doctor said he didn’t understand why he couldn’t find anything wrong with the liver.  He even asked the inmate to verify his prison identification number to be sure he was the same inmate.  The inmate confirmed that it was he who the doctor had diagnosed with the diseased liver.  The inmate told the doctor how he had prayed for healing.  The doctor told him “I guess I need to start praying too.”  Further medical testing has found the man’s liver still in a healthy state.

Character being transformed
An inmate who has had a violent criminal history, has been meeting with a Christian Science Chaplain. Recently, the man completed the requirements for his High School GED. The inmate was also chosen to be the Valedictorian for his graduating class.  In attendance at the graduation ceremony was the prison’s Warden.  After his speech, the Warden approached the inmate and personally praised him for his remarks.  The Warden told the man, “Your address was so good that we could have ended the ceremony at the end of your speech.”

A stomach illness healed
A Chaplain has been meeting with a inmate over a period of time, helping the man understand his relationship to God and how to learn how to pray. One day the inmate told the Chaplain that he had been suffering from a stomach illness. The inmate said he was not able to function normally as a result. He also said the doctors in the institution were not able to diagnose his problem. Then one day, the inmate said he began to feel very depressed. He said, “I began to feel like something was putting me to sleep.  Then in prayer, this thought came to me that said, “You are special to me (God) and you will live; so just go ahead and live.” Very soon after he began to feel better.

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4 thoughts on “Read how prayer alone healed these inmates of “incurable” diseases

  1. Charles James Martin Reply

    It is vital to the Christian Science movement that people testify to the healing efficacy of Christian Science. The more healing brought about through the application of Christian Science ideas that are publicized, the more people who are unfamiliar with Christian Science or are not favorably disposed toward Christian Science will begin to understand why Mrs. Eddy presented Christian Science to the world: to reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing. It glorifies our omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God, who loves all of His/Her children. God’s Christ is the power behind spiritual healing.

  2. Pam Wade Reply

    This is inspiring, makes me want to share it with all my church members and friends.

  3. Victoria Morse Reply

    These healings are inspiring. Thank you for sharing “the good.”

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