Chaplain’s Video: Inmate’s Prayer Heals an Infected Foot

Want to know what Christian Science Chaplains do in prisons, jails and youth detention facilities?  They bring the light of Christ to those who most need it.

In this Healing Newscast, listen to volunteer Christian Science Chaplain George recount a recent experience of an inmate who healed his cell-mate of a seriously infected foot problem after reading Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

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7 thoughts on “Chaplain’s Video: Inmate’s Prayer Heals an Infected Foot

  1. Rae Reply

    I’d be glad to type out this testimony so that it could be available to others who could copy it off your website, and send it to prisoners. Maybe I could send in 2 testimonies a month. I type well and I would enjoy doing this….
    Thanks, Rae

  2. Karen Reply

    God, through “Science and Health” has provided him with meaningful employment right where he is and shown him that he’s a valuable member of society.

  3. Marilyn Reply

    This is such a great example that love is the master of hate!
    In Luke 22: 51 when the multitude came to get Jesus for his time of judgment, one of is followers cut off the right ear of the servant of a high priest, Jesus “touched his ear and healed him.” Jesus’ lacked any malice toward those who sought to take his life. He asked God to forgive them. This pure thought enabled him to triumph over death.

  4. Victoria Morse Reply

    How inspiring to learn that anyone who has read Science and Health can pray with assurance that God’s law is practical and heals immediately.

  5. Kristy Reply

    Once again, it wasn’t the other guy’s thought that needed to be healed but the thought of the observer- the witness to the lie, the liar and the father of the lie. As Jesus stated for all mankind, and for all eternity: “YE shall know the truth, and the truth shall set YOU free.”

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but striving to practice this idea keeps me very busy.

  6. maralee Knowlen Reply

    The Christian Science network works everywhere when God is seen as the healer.
    5 G network — God good guides guards and governs.

  7. Jan in Laguna Hills Reply

    Grateful to know that God loves every one of Her blessed children.

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