Introducing the Light in prison Interview Series: Sharing stories of hope and progress

Light in prison Interview SeriesWe created the Light in prison website to specifically  focus light on the healing and redemptive work going on now in our California prisons, jails, and youth facilities. Our own Christian Science chaplains do an amazing job of bringing the light of the Christ to some pretty lonely and desolate places of thought.

But so do many others. And we’re constantly on the lookout for them.

One recent heartwarming example of light,  is the AB 109 Auto Workshop in Red Bluff. We produced the following short video about this unique inmate training program because, as you’ll see, it’s truly a beacon whose light touches a lot of people.

The program has certainly impacted the lives of the Sheriffs who created this breakthrough training; it’s touched the lives of many people in Tehama County, not only saving the county money, but fostering a greater understanding of the needs of inmates. But most of all the program touches the lives of those inmates blessed by the opportunity to learn a valuable trade and find in themselves their innate worth, preparing them for a productive life outside prison walls.

We hope you enjoy the video. And as you watch, we encourage you to focus on how the unselfish, redemptive and healing Christ,–evident in this program—makes a difference in the world.

Watch the video:

Sheriff Dave Hencratt interview video

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  1. Karen Reply

    I look forward to more in this series. I think it’s great you’re highlighting programs that are making a positive difference.

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