Man cured of insanity

Recently a former prison chaplain, Brian Kissock–now living and teaching Christian Science in Northern Ireland–told of an inmate who had been clinically diagnosed as being insane. The man often disturbed the Christian Science services conducted at the prison, and so chaplain Brian decided to do something about it. By praying and having Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, read to the man, the inmate was completely cured of insanity–within four months. The healing was confirmed by the prison officials and by the Judge overseeing the man’s case. And shortly thereafter the man was released from prison.

The healing work of Christian Science Chaplains is based on the teachings of Jesus in the Bible and on the book, Science and Health mentioned above. (To read this book click the link below).

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7 thoughts on “Man cured of insanity

  1. Madelon Reply

    What a galvanizing example of the healing power available to everyone with any kind of need. Stories like these make God so real and present. Thank you Brian for sharing and for your prayers.

  2. Clementine Suiffet Reply

    It’s great that the cell mate listened to Brian’s suggestions to read Science and Health every day to the man diagnosed with insanity. It certainly took persistence to keep on reading and praying daily. What would seem like an incurable disease was healed –permanently! This testimony is very encouraging. Thank you.

  3. Susan Collins Reply

    Tremendous. Such a beautiful example of the “Word” doing the work, – accompanied with the invaluable metaphysical support of Brian, – and, — that dear inmate! And now this marvelous ripple effect!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. cricket twichell Reply

    A wonderful healing which fits in so beautifully with last week’s lesson about breaking all bonds of captivity—the young man was not only freed from this claim of insanity but was freed from prison. I can only imagine how grateful he was to you and to his cell-mate.

  5. Marilyn Reply

    This is such a fine example of never accepting a case as hopeless nor acknowledging anyone as unreceptive to wanting peace in his or her life.

  6. Jan in Grass Valley Reply

    Thanks, Brian, for sharing your wonderful healing story. And God bless you as you continue this blessed healing work in Northern Ireland.

  7. George Reply

    How inspiring to hear this account of a young man’s healing of insanity. . . a life transformed. . .how wonderful. “With God, all things are possible.” These testimonies are so helpful as they are evidence of God’s light shining brightly in prisons.
    Thanks Brian

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