VIDEO: Christian behavior does change lives, sometimes in unexpected ways

Paul White, Director of Stronghold School Systems is a Christian Scientist who has worked with gang members, the homeless, and juvenile wards of the state.  In this video, Paul shares an inspiring story of a young hardened teen in California’s Youth Authority who learned first-hand the transforming power of Christian love.

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6 thoughts on “VIDEO: Christian behavior does change lives, sometimes in unexpected ways

  1. Clementine Suiffet Reply

    Wow! The boy gave no thought about giving up his blanket! I wonder how many other selfless acts like these are going on in our prisons and just not talked about.

  2. Paul White Reply

    The question was asked of me regarding this interview: Why did my student who was sent to the California Youth Authority not have a blanket in the first place; and shouldn’t the authorities be held accountable? The answer is found in the words of a corrections administrator from a neighboring state who I spoke with recently: “The entire system in California is broken; nothing is working.” Our state has 200,000+ men and women locked up on any given day. The dangerous and degrading situations for (and also caused by) inmates in our prisons (including the Youth Authority), are equaled by the infighting and degrading behavior by the administrators who run them and the judges who handcuff any reform attempts to genuinely change the prison system. Logistics get snarled; the flood of new prisoners overruns the system’s ability to provide for them, and a new inmate missing a blanket – in the entire scheme of things – would be considered no big deal by the people who are struggling to keep these places from exploding. The Youth Authority, as I mentioned, is “prison for kids”: extremely violent and dangerous. It is NOT your local juvenile hall. Serving ages 10-25, you do not get sent to the Youth Authority until you’ve either killed, raped, kidnapped, etc., or been arrested so many dozens of times at the county level that there’s no other option. Situations such as “selling” one inmate to another to serve you as a slave, having sex in garbage dumpsters, violent inmate-on-inmate beatings etc., are common occurrences in the Youth Authority, just like in prison. This entire issue of crime&punishment – prevention&cure of criminal behavior, is a situation that cries out for pro-active, fearless, spiritually radical engagement and healing on the part of any of us who claim to be Christians or Christian Scientists (and MBE said there was no difference). Our organization, Stronghold School Systems is working to heal these issues on a variety of levels. We’d welcome your interest: (805) 701.2999

    Paul White

  3. Joanna Katz Reply

    I had been thinking about this story and then today I read, “Christianity causes men to turn naturally from matter to Spirit, as the flower turns from darkness to light. Man then appropriates those things which ‘eye hath not seen nor ear heard.’ ” Science and Health p. 458:32-3. I feel like Paul’s friend’s experience perfectly exemplifies this.

  4. George Birdsong Reply

    Thanks for this inspiring story of the transforming power of Christian living. Will surely pass it on.

  5. Another grateful witness Reply

    Paul White has truly made a difference in the lives of young people that others have given up on. So glad to have his voice as part of this website.

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