Watch Video: Inspiring story of an inmate’s severe pain healed spiritually

Christian Science volunteer Chaplain Fran shares the inspiring story of an inmate she was working with who healed a serious problem of recurring pain using only what she learned by studying the Christian Science textbook: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

You can read this book yourself online for free here:

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7 thoughts on “Watch Video: Inspiring story of an inmate’s severe pain healed spiritually

  1. Jane Morton Reply

    Thank you Fran for this inspiring video! Barry and I just learned about this website today. We will be frequent visitors, as we pray metaphysically for the Institutional work that is going on – blessing, healing, and introducing others to the CS way of life.

  2. susan collins Reply

    Excellent demonstration of how reading Science and Health heals! This is a marvelous testimony of rather ongoing pain healed beautifully, – practically. It’s clear; pure; moving.
    Thank you Chaplain Fran.

  3. George Birdsong Reply

    Thanks Fran for sharing this inspiring account of healing. Your consistent message of God’s love for all His children and complete trust in the healing power of God were so helpful to this woman. It’s great to hear how Christian Science meets the need of those receptive to the truth.

  4. Karen Rippberger Reply

    Not a miracle, just the work of. God being seen in everyday life.

  5. Pam Wade Reply

    I love it! No need to make a big production out of it, the simple Truth, the sincere desire, the confident support and the healing result tells the whole story. Thanks for the great video presentation and the clear message.

  6. Clementine Suiffet Reply

    I love that Chaplain Fran showed how simple healing can be. I see the physical healing of this woman’s pain as the side effect of giving up all for the Christ. It’s about giving up our burdens and completely trusting that the presence of the Christ is right here, right now. And it can transform us. Yes, it doesn’t matter what we’ve done. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve had a problem. The Christ love baptizes us and washes away all sense of hopelessness. God’s unconditional love through the presence of the Christ shows us that we are loved. That’s the simple truth. Believing with our whole heart in the power of God’s love heals.

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