How prayer brings near instant calm to a youth detention center on lockdown [VIDEO]

Not all violent storms are weather related. Take the storms that can, and do occur in our state’s prisons, jails and youth detention centers when inside the walls emotions are running high. Personal vendettas, gang related retribution, or the backlash of anger towards guards and prison policies can produce highly dangerous situations for anyone in or near the situation.

But then throw into the mix a Christian Science Chaplain who turns to God in complete prayer. That is a prayer filled with trust in God’s ability to calm the heart of each individual.

In this video, you’ll see how Chaplain Holliday’s prayers turned what was likely going to be an explosive event into much better outcome.  This enabled her to perform her chaplain duties.

It’s our hope in sharing this video that when storms come your way, in whatever form, that you too stop, stand still, and let the peace of God fill your heart and overflow into the environment–for the good of all.

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10 thoughts on “How prayer brings near instant calm to a youth detention center on lockdown [VIDEO]

  1. Pam Wade Reply

    Have you read the article in the June 22 Christian Science Monitor about Javier Stauring and the Prison Ministry work he is doing with youth, some with life sentences in prison? It’s on page 42 People Making a difference. There is an interesting book review in the same issue “A girl with a secret: Mom is in prison” by Nora Raleigh Baskin. Good to know about all the good going on.

  2. Hilary Reply

    I love that acknowledgement that it is God doing the work, ever-present with each of these precious children right where they are even if in their rooms or confined spaces – to bring them a sense of peace and loving care – no need for anyone else to show up and make that happen. We are just responsible for acknowledging this truth and then we get to witness the manifestation in the present circumstance. Hooray for our Chaplains who are doing this each day. Thanks Holliday.

  3. Clementine Suiffet Reply

    I loved how simple and effective Holliday’s prayer was and how it helped bring about instant calm. Her approach is a role model for me. I, too, can completely trust God, my Father Mother Parent to take care of me and everyone. No matter how much I try to step in and change something, ultimately, it is God’s responsibility. Worry, anxiety, fear, combined with a feeling of personal responsibility, only get in the way of healing. Becoming absolutely still and trusting everything to God is a great example of quick and powerful prayer.

  4. Pam Reply

    Wow! That was helpful to me for a totally different reason. I’ll share this with every member of our church.

  5. Karen Rippberger Reply

    A lovely proof of how God’s love permeates everything. No walls separate anyone from Him.

  6. Jan in Grass Valley Reply

    Such a pure example of recognizing each one’s inseparability from God, Love. Thank you, Holliday, for sharing your experience here.

  7. Marilyn McPherson Reply

    What a short and sweet report of how turning to God in prayer – “God, let me feel your love, let them feel your love” – brings peace where there was storm. Beautiful

  8. Hal Shrewsbury Reply

    As a CS chaplain who first served at the San Leandro Juvenile Hall, I’m delighted to see and hear of Holliday’s work there. It’s been a privilege to hear of both Holliday and her husband, Bill’s contributions to this work. I’m still serving as a CS chaplain in San Antonio, TX at a drug rehab and Wounded Warrior treatment facility and can attest to the healing power Christian Science brings to these facilities.

  9. Evelyn Brookins Reply

    How clear that our thoughts turned over to God brings peace – a power available anywhere in the world at any time.

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