How would you react to danger like this? Inmate protected from a man with a knife [VIDEO]

Imagine this situation: you are standing on the street, just enjoying the day. Suddenly you look in front of you and there’s a man coming directly toward you. In his face you read that his intentions may be less than good. Next you look at his hands at his side…in one he’s carrying an open knife. Now just a few feet away he’s coming at you much faster. What do you do?

Do you run or do you pray?

And if you pray, it certainly can’t be a long wordy prayer. There’s no time for that. But you do have time to pray by feeling God’s instant love–that is you do have time to unconditionally love the man coming toward you. And trust God with the outcome.

In this case, both men are in a state prison. So this is not an unlikely event. Incidents like this do happen there. But in most cases, the outcomes aren’t as surprising as this one turns out to be. This story, as told by Christian Science chaplain John, was told to him by the would-be victim.

One of the important lessons here is that the prayer of “feeling God’s love” blesses a lot more than just the one praying.

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22 thoughts on “How would you react to danger like this? Inmate protected from a man with a knife [VIDEO]

  1. Evelyn Brookins Reply

    The whole world needs to hear of the power available in an understanding of
    God’s protecting presence. Glad to hear how it’s being shared

  2. Mary Lou Reply

    John, dear friend, how very wonderful to hear of this healing work!! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Eloise Jones Reply

    Thank you for sharing John. It is proof that God is All in All.

  4. Susan Anderson Reply

    Thank you so much, John. What good work you are continuing to do. I too now volunteer at a prison. One man who joins our study group has been inspiring others to join us. One man shared how he now understands the fact that God is everywhere. He imagined himself underwater, the water completely surrounding him. He just glowed with this inspiration. What a joy it is to share the truths of Christian Science with those searching for spiritual meaning in their lives.

  5. Jeanine Reply

    This reminds me – as we “pour in truth through flood-tides of Love” the rising tide lifts every boat in the harbor! Thank you for sharing!

  6. George Birdsong Reply

    thank you John for this concrete healing example of Divine Love’s protection. Both men were safe in the arms of Love.

  7. Linda Reply

    Another powerful demonstration of the power and protecting armor of divine Love. Thank you John for sharing it.

  8. Clementine Suiffet Reply

    Wow!! This is a perfect example of trusting in God. There was no time to do anything else but trust. A powerful example of protection. Thank you!

  9. Carol Kane Reply

    Thank you, John, for this inspiring ‘double’ healing. I too will be sharing it with my church family. I correspond with two inmates as a CS chaplain and so appreciate healing such as these which I can also share with my inmates.

  10. Anita Reply

    Chaplain John,
    I want to thank you and your friends in the prison where you chaplain, for sharing this beautiful manifestation of divine Love’s power and grace!!!
    I hope that since you sent this video to be shared and to inspire, that you will permit me to share this experience with the imprisoned men I correspond with in institutions scattered throughout Texas. I will need to transcribe the story from the video because they have no internet access but they are hungry for the truth of Love’s everpresence and power. They all have subscriptions to the Bible lesson and ask good questions!

  11. Kristen Reply

    Chaplain John, what soul-filled confirmation for you and for the testifier and the would-be assailant, to know that the Love of God was and is surrounding everyone, and leading them to the place of peace, even in a prison environment. No one is ever left out of God’s love, but we must affirm our ‘truths’ under all circumstances- and believing leads to receiving gifts of healing in oh, so many ways.

  12. Patricia Duke Reply

    Thank you, Chaplain John, for the wonderful testimony you shared with us, which proves that Love is the only power.

  13. Sharon Reply

    Thank you so much Chaplain John for sharing this wonderful proof of Love’s protection. It validates the importance of knowing and being conscious of this truth that sets man free. This law of Love is ever present and blesses all mankind.

  14. Nancy Battey Reply

    This wonderful experience reminds me of one of my own that I experienced many years ago one night in downtown San Francisco when I encountered a very angry man who yelled repedatedly, “I killed before and I can kill again”. The man told me he had been released from San Quentin prision the day before. When I realized that I appeared to be the only person in the block and that it was very dark, I was tempted to be afraid. But I had been thinking a lot about how Christian Science is a Science and therefore provable any where, any time, by anyone who utilized the power of the law of Divine Love. I could trust God to protect me AND him and began to listen to his story. The reason he was so angry was that he had been refused by a bus driver because he did not have exact change to ride the bus. The law had only been changed a couple of days before so there were no signs to indicate this change in policy. This man and the bus driver were of different races, so the man I encountered assumed that he was experiencing racial prejudice and this is what set him off. During the time he related the story I asked God to help me love this man, to help me see the man with the ugly, scarred face before me, as He saw and knew him. As I prayed this way, the hate and anger melted so that both the man and I felt only a tangible atmosphere of love. The man calmed down and was peaceful and grateful to experience the powerful prescence of God’s healing love. And so was I. Nancy in Walnut Creek

    • Linda

      Thanks, John. What a beautiful proof of the armor of God’s omnipresent Love protecting everyone!

  15. Sharon Maxwell Reply

    Thanks for sharing this lovely sense of protection. It actually helped me with some things that I have been tense/stressed about. Healings shared, ripple out and do more good than one can imagine.

  16. Helen Lechner Reply

    Thank you Chaplain John for first of all, teaching this man about the ever presence of Divine Love, then telling us about it. I deal, on occasion with people living in very modest parts of town…I prepare my thought every morning, in advance of anything untoward which could occur, that I am a sister to all mankind, having the same Father. I can only encounter a blessed experience with my brothers and sisters of whatever walk of life they may be taking.
    I find by doing the advance prayer, I don’t have to rush or scramble to think of loving truths in a tense situation, I have that in my consciousness already from morning to night.
    Thank you for sharing and I will relate this to my church members and others who will appreciate it and be grateful for the protection of both men.
    Keep up the good work!!.

  17. Jan in Grass Valley Reply

    Love the double healing there. Thank you so much for sharing it, Chaplain John. What a blessing to the entire prison.

  18. Pam Wade Reply

    I shared it with our whole church membership and will share it with others. What a great example of the healing power of Love.

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