The Power of Prayer is Enormous

When someone really wants to know and feel God–like REALLY wants to know God–and they earnestly pray for that realization, and the outcome also includes a healing of the body that defies medical knowledge…you’d have to say that was a major prayer breakthrough experience.

A pretty amazing one. In fact so amazing we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Briefly here’s what happened: a woman who is locked up inside a County Jail here in California learns that she has been diagnosed by physicians with cancer of the liver. Not good. But then she takes the unusual step of trusting her well being to God. Through prayer alone. And she does this with the help of Chaplain George (a Christian Science Chaplain), who helps her begin to pray in a somewhat new way–and no I’m not going to tell you what that new way is. You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

What I most like about this story is that it shows two things clearly: one, that God is always present and ready to answer our prayers. And two: that when our heart is totally 100% invested in our prayers to be more Godlike, the results are usually much better than when we’re only half-invested in “living” up to our prayers.

And living up to the words in our prayers is an instructive lesson for all of us who pray. Because the challenge is are we willing to change our habits and ways if God requires us to? Or are we just hoping God will make everything better for us–with little effort on our end?

As always we invite you to feel free to leave a comment or tell your own story. We really do love hearing from you.

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14 thoughts on “The Power of Prayer is Enormous

  1. Rae Reply

    Such powerful testimonies. Thank you for a such a great place to turn to for inspiration. What I wonder is, are any of these video testimonies typed out for people who might send them to prisoners? I’m new here so pardon me if you do have them written out also somewhere on this site. Since I write a few prisoners, I’m already thinking of how cool it would be to download them from this site, and copy them to hard copy and send them by snail mail to prisoners we know?!? I would copy all of them if they were in the written word and send them to prisoners. The videos are terrific, as you get the delicious details and personal touch of the Chaplains but not many prisoners will ever get to watch those videos. Thanks for letting me share this idea. And I look forward to many more amazing testimonies of healing from the dear Chaplains. Thanks so much, Rae

  2. Daniel and Gigi Suiffet Reply

    It is indeed heartening to hear of such beautiful healings going on in the prisons. It takes lots of selfless love. A big thank you George for this missionary work!

  3. Marilyn McPherson Reply

    Amen! Lovely! Indeed, “the power of prayer IS enormous”. And as we are reading and hearing (such as at The Mother Church Annual Meeting (, the power of individual prayer is enormous, so the power of collective prayer is magnified, forwarding the “healing of the nations” (Rev.22:2) and “…the end of error, when all discord will be swallowed up in spiritual Truth” (SH 96:18).

  4. Evelyn Brookins Reply

    One instance of such healing proves that an understanding of prayer is effective and defies the physical testimony.

  5. Clementine Suiffet Reply

    This is testament that all things are possible. This amazing healing shows God’s grace in what would be labeled as terminal and irreversible by the medical profession. Thank you Chaplain George.

  6. Priscilla Reply

    Thank you George for the beautiful testimony you shared with us of the womderful work you are doing as a Chaplain. “Great and Marvelous are Thy Works!” And you are proving it!

  7. Priscilla Reply

    Thank you George for the wonderful healing work you are doing and sharing this healing wi th us. “Great and Marvelous are Thy Works” and praise God, You are doing it!

  8. shirleypaulson Reply

    Wonderful to hear this humble and beautiful story of two receptive people – healer and healed alike. Thank you for your unselfish commitment.

  9. Jan in Grass Valley Reply

    Thank you so much, George, for sharing this most inspiring and helpful healing experience. God is blessing you in this most wonderful work you’re doing.

  10. Pam Keiser Reply

    Wow! I am awed by God’s grace! What a wonderful healing to witness…Thank you, George, for sharing and inspiring.

  11. Gwen Reply

    Thank you, George, for all the prayer, time, devotion and hope you bring to your post.
    Would that all of us were as gifted and unselfish! What better way could you be spending your days than bringing light into prisons? Indeed, with God all things are possible!

  12. Bill Bruegmann Reply

    Thank you, George. What cannot God do? So grateful for every healing like this one. They demonstrate over and over that Christian healing is as available and practical now as it was in the time of Jesus.

  13. Karen Reply

    Thank you for sharing Chaplain George. And thank the testifier for me. I rejoice with her.

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