Can a mental illness like schizophrenia really be cured? The answer goes against the odds. [Video]

Could you use a little inspiration about now?

You’re about to see a short inspirational video that will definitely make you smile.

If you know anything about schizophrenia — one of the most disabling types of mental illness — it’s considered a lifelong sentence and (usually) requires powerful medication to control it.

But then again, when it’s challenged by effective prayer, the so-called “impossible” soon becomes possible.

Watch what happens when Christian Science Chaplain Lidya prays with a man in prison for his mentally ill son…and the life-changing result that occurs.

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15 thoughts on “Can a mental illness like schizophrenia really be cured? The answer goes against the odds. [Video]

  1. Angell Reply

    Thank You! Lidya! A wonderful expression on God’s love for everyone, no matter where they are, how long something has been ‘around’, age, gender, in jail or out!
    More demonstrations like this in this area are needed. You will be doing more! Lots of God’s Love!

  2. Nancy Reply

    what I most liked about this video is the way Lidya so humbly gave all the glory to God, and I know this is why God was able to use her to accomplish His will.

  3. George Birdsong Reply

    What an inspiring testimony to the power of prayer to heal. What cannot God do? thank you Chaplain Lidya for your dedication to the prison ministry.

  4. PK Reply

    So encouraging to us all, thank you for carrying the light of Christ to the darkest recesses of mortality.

  5. Daniel and Gigi Suiffet Reply

    Thank you Lidya for the selfless work you are doing. This healing is so encouraging.
    What cannot God do! The fact that you are bilingual is no doubt a big asset in the prison work We send you our love. Gigi and Daniel

  6. Jan Kitzis Reply

    What a wonderful proof that there is only one Mind for all of us. Thank you, Chaplain Lydia, for your work in the prisons.

  7. Phyllis Feldman Reply

    Thank you, Lydia, for sharing this beautiful healing that shows the harmony of God ever present and ever reflected by His child.

  8. Gordon Reply

    Great important work. Only one in five schizophrenia sufferers is able to become functional. I hope Christian science can change those figures. I have seen prayer effective on a case, too.

  9. Priscilla Reply

    Thank you Lidya for the wonderful healing work you are witnessing in your Ministry as a Chaplain.

  10. Barbara Tone Reply

    Beautiful proof of God’s care and love. Thank you for your work in the prisons Chaplain Lidya!!

  11. Elena Reply

    Thank you Lidya, more and more people are finding out that so many wonderful things can happen when we trust that God is really with us!

  12. Jan in Rio Rancho, NM Reply

    Just wonderful! Thank you, Lidya, for the inspired healing work you’re doing as a Christian Science Chaplain. So grateful.

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