Skeptical inmate experiences healing through prayer in CA state prison [Video]

Have you ever wondered if God, through prayer, can bring about spiritual healing? And do you think it’s possible for people who don’t believe in the power of prayer to experience the power of prayer to heal?

In this sweet story, Christian Science Chaplain Dave meets an inmate who’s also a serious Bible student. But he also doubts that prayer can heal. Until he needs healing himself. Something has to give…

If you or a family member has doubts or concerns about God’s ability to answer prayer, you just might find some inspiration in this story. And remember as always, we invite you to feel free to leave a comment or tell your own story. We really do love hearing from you.

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7 thoughts on “Skeptical inmate experiences healing through prayer in CA state prison [Video]

  1. Susan Collins Reply

    What a marvelous healing!
    I am so delighted to have found it!
    What great listening, acknowledging, affirming.

    Sincerest thanks,

  2. Karen Rippberger Reply

    Thanks, Dave, for sharing this lovely healing. Our love for others must have its right object and expression.

  3. Susan Anderson, Bainbridge Island, WA Reply

    Thank you so much for all these wonderful videos of healings. I have been working in a prison for some time. One gentleman has discovered the Bible and now also studies the Christian Science Bible Lesson. When sharing with a newcomer to our group about the value of Science and Health, he says it is like a banana. You open the peel and find the meat inside.

  4. Jan in New Mexico Reply

    How wonderful! To acknowledge God as the source of our healing brings even more blessings. Thanks so much, Chaplain Dave, for sharing your experience with the inmate.

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