Inmate’s young daughter asks him to “change” – see the impact of prayer [Video]

You probably know this already, but a majority of the people in jail and prison have unresolved “anger” issues that have landed them on the wrong side of the law.

In this short video, you’ll see how one inmate’s family–especially his young daughter–motivates him to change by seeking out answers from God to help calm his anger. And then what happens when his prayers bring about an adjustment to his character.

The results of this man’s prayers, as described by Chaplain George, are astounding; which I think you’ll agree with.

What I especially like about this story is how absolutely dependable God is to answer us when we pray and mean it.

So if you like “transformation” stories, you’ll like this one.

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8 thoughts on “Inmate’s young daughter asks him to “change” – see the impact of prayer [Video]

  1. Beth Haden Reply

    Thanks so much for this account of healing and transformation. “And a little child shall lead them.” I’m a chaplain’s assistant in our local county jail, and have in recent months become aware of a wonderful nonprofit, Project Avary, which, coincidentally, has its office directly across the street from our branch church! It provides support, mentorship, and summer camp experiences to children of incarcerated parents–to help break the cycle of generational incarceration. They have rolled out a new program that’s really quite amazing: teens in their program go into the jail and meet with incarcerated parents to tell them what an effect the absence of their own parent/s has had in their lives, and to share helpful ways the inmates can be more connected to their own children. Also, our branch church regularly adopts a congregational “prayer focus” on a specific community or national issue, and it’s gratifying for us to be praying currently about “Breaking cycles of material belief regarding parentage.”

  2. Clementine Suiffet Reply

    Thank you, Chaplain George, for your persistence and devotion to this prison ministry. I love seeing how you are making a difference in helping others see past their negative character traits to who they really are as God’s loved child. This particular story of character transformation is very encouraging.

  3. Suzanne Ruffin Reply

    What a great healing this is! Thank you Chaplain George for sharing the fruitage of your work with us all. It is very encouraging to see how devoted Christian Scientists like you make a difference, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  4. Kristen in Sacramento Reply

    As a popular 1960’s pop song states: “….for only love can conquer hate. You know we’ve got to find a way to bring some lovin’ here today.” Mary Baker Eddy stated: “God is Love. More than this we cannot ask, higher we cannot look, farther we cannot go.” And, Jesus Christ said: ‘Bring the little children unto me and suffer them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” So, this inmate’s little child sparked all of this truth in her daddy’s heart and the result is healing in oh so many ways. How wonderful!

  5. Bruce Reply

    Thanks to this website & all the chaplains like George, who are doing wonderful work “being there” & available for those who are receptive but “in a bad (mental) place” at this time. This is important work, partly because (as I’ve learned from teaching continuation high school) some of these troubled people are “hiding” a lot of potential for good, as this inmate proved by becoming a leader in prison. Another reason prison ministries are important is because, when someone’s imprisoned, they have fewer reasons to be distracted from investigating C.S. and, I would think, a lot more time to ponder its truths. When one has nowhere to go but “up”, I suspect a lot of inmates are looking for a “ladder”. I’m always uplifted by seeing these encouraging videos!

  6. Carol Reply

    Thank you, Chaplain George, for this moving video and testimony about the healing of this young man. Behold, the wondrous power of Love to reform an individual!

  7. Jan in New Mexiso Reply

    Thank you, Chaplain George, for sharing this wonderful story of redemption and healing! How glorious to know what is possible with God.

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