Could you forgive the people who killed your family? [Video]

Just how would you react if a powerful gang, (in a foreign country) threatened you and your family’s life if you didn’t “kill” for them? And when you refused, how would you react when you learned that your wife and young daughter were taken and never found?

This story, as told by Christian Science Chaplain Lydia, has a lot of twists and turns. But when the man, (trying to outrun gang members) ends up in an American prison and turns his life over to God, that’s when he changes. And that’s when the events in his life change too–for the better. And quickly too.

Once you see this video you will probably agree that with God there are no “impossible” problems that God cannot solve.

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6 thoughts on “Could you forgive the people who killed your family? [Video]

  1. Kristen Reply

    Thank you for sharing your simple but powerful prayer with this man, Lidya. It was not an overwhelm of words but your deep love of Truth and trust of healing that brought this reformation and freedom to him.

  2. Visionary Reply

    Very inspiring…God is always working His purpose out.Keep on spreading the liberating Truth to all Lidya!!!

  3. Daniel Suiffet Reply

    You have a big heart Lidia,and your Christly love works wonders…it brigs to mind hymn 75 of the CS Hymnal: God comes with succor speedy, to those who suffer wrong; to help the poor and needy, and bid the weak be strong; He comes to break oppression, to set the captive free, to take away transgression,and rule in equity. May I give you a big hug, with Christly blessings.

  4. Linda Reply

    Powerful proof of God’s work in action. Thank you Lidya for your service.

  5. Nan Stewart Reply

    Lydia, your telling this story was a boon to my heart. Thank you, and I will forgive myself more in the future with thanks to you. God bless you with my love, Nan

  6. Jan in New Mexico Reply

    Thank you so much, Lidya, for sharing this wonderful healing story. We know that God will continue to bless this gentleman and his family.

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