Brightening a Prison Wall – Mural Artist Brings Hope to Inmates [Video]

Last year, if you were on our subscriber list, you received our video featuring mural artist, Alex Cook, who paints colorful, positive message inside prisons and jails.

It was such a powerfully inspiring video we thought you might want to see it again. The scene takes place inside the chapel at a men’s jail in Santa Ana, CA.

Watch how Alex and several inmates COMPLETELY transform a large wall in a space composed of cinder block, concrete, steel, and drab colors.

While we weren’t allowed to use a video camera on the inside, we got a time-elapsed camera to capture Alex’s amazing and colorful vision all the way from start to finish.

I’m hoping this short video brings a smile to your heart, and face.

For more information about Alex and his murals, please visit

Happy New Year from the entire Light in Prison team.

David Fowler
Editor in Chief, Light in Prison

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5 thoughts on “Brightening a Prison Wall – Mural Artist Brings Hope to Inmates [Video]

  1. Daniel and Gustel suiffet Reply

    Thank you for sharing Alex vivid and bold vision of love in the prisons. No doubt that many,even if they may not want to acknowledge it will be touched.

  2. Marilyn Kellar Reply

    What a great message to put out for people to contemplate, even after they’ve looked at the mural and moved on! They may even think of that important message many times, as needed, in the future!

  3. Lori Marquart Reply

    How delightful and inspiring this video was – thanks for sharing! It was especially interesting to me, although I was not on your email list when this first came out, I was a volunteer in the Men’s Jail back in the 1980’s when Eleanor Hoover was the chaplain. As a result of our time serving together we became very good friends and I am still in contact with one of her sons.

    Lori Marquart
    Tustin Church

  4. Jan in New Mexico Reply

    So great to see this again! And I’m so grateful for the constant message of Love that is there for everyone there to see and be blessed by. Thank you, Alex, Sandy, and everyone else who helped to make this happen. Bless you, All!

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