Why did a prison inmate, about to kill his enemy, change his mind? [Video]

If you like stories that are short and sweet–stories with a surprising ending–you’re going to like this one for sure.

It’s told by Dave Stevens, a Christian Science Teacher and Practitioner, from Petaluma, California. Briefly it involves a pretty extraordinary event that happened just after Dave gave an inspirational talk to a group of inmates in jail.

There’s an important lesson in this story for all of us. See if you don’t agree.

And, if you’re interested in our new “Interfaith Series” here’s our latest video. In this installment I interview Professor Abdullah Ali, a Muslim, who ministered in the prison system in Pennsylvania. Professor Ali answers a lot of questions that people often have about the Muslim faith. We hope this enriches your understanding making it easier to build bridges with those of differing faith traditions.

As always we invite you to feel fee to leave a comment or tell us your own story for others to see. We love hearing from you.

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David Fowler
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5 thoughts on “Why did a prison inmate, about to kill his enemy, change his mind? [Video]

  1. Bruce Higley Reply

    Thanks so much for this uplifting “Light in Prison” series. It’s always inspiring to hear from the unselfish chaplains (et al) willing & ready to reach out to those who are ready to be receptive to the salvation being gently & sincerely offered. 1 rebirth at a time . . .

  2. Mary Randall Reply

    Yes, I love this story. Thank you for all you do for those imprisoned for giving them hope in our Lord God. For helping them see the Christ Within.

  3. Madelon Maupin Reply

    This website is aptly named and Dave’s healing story is why–‘light in prison’ indeed. Thank you Dave Stevens and David Fowler for all you’re doing to see the light in these men and women currently incarcerated.

  4. Susan Anderson, Bainbridge Island, WA Reply

    Thank you so much, David and Steven. Oh how important to remember whose child we really are, all of us.
    Sue from Bainbridge Island, WA

  5. Jan in New Mexico Reply

    Wonderful story! Thanks, Dave, and thank you, Light in Prison! Grateful for all the good work being done in our penal institutions.

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