God heals an inmate in pain. Watch what happens. [Video]

If you’re praying over some condition or issue right now, this video might bring you some needed inspiration.

It’s a simple story. An inmate meets with Christian Science Chaplain George one day and explains that he’s in pain and having a hard time walking. And right there on the spot, the man and Chaplain George pray.

The inspiration that comes to Chaplain George not only helps the man–you have to see the video to find out for yourself–but it just might be a help to you too.

It’s a sweet story that shows that God never fails–when the heart is right with God.

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10 thoughts on “God heals an inmate in pain. Watch what happens. [Video]

  1. Clementine Suiffet Reply

    I love the simplicity of this healing. It is a great example of immediately trusting God to take care of your needs. Prayer is effective. Thank you for sharing, George.

  2. Marilyn Reply

    “God’s amazing grace in this situation, in this Orange County jail.” Wow, yes. Sweet and inspiring to those of us who have seen this video. I’m sharing through my social media accounts.

  3. Karen S. James Reply

    The pure and simple clarity of this experience lifts it to a place in our memory of good.
    Thank you for sharing, as always.

  4. Colleen Moore Reply

    Our local Book Club has been studying Science and Health from beginning to end, and last night I stopped reading on page 153:16 about healing a boil. Then I decided to watch some of my email videos, and this was the first one I watched. What a perfect explanation of that paragraph and the “undivided garment” where theology and medicine are one.

  5. Kristen Reply

    Your enthusiasm for spiritual healing, your expectancy of good delivered in a quiet, sincere and compassionate yet powerful affection of love for God’s sons, despite their human circumstances, is bringing the joy of receptivity for healed hearts, minds and bodies to these men. How very blessed all of you are in this chaplaincy of Christ’s redeeming power of Love.
    George, you are a good and faithful servant of our Father-Mother God, and I am grateful for your service.

  6. Charla Reply

    Again and again we (I) need to be reminded that God is no respecter of persons, or history. Outstanding achievements nor admirable behavior can qualify us for healing. How we struggle when His Love for us is truly unconditional, never earned… Often think Jesus was trying to tell us this in the many stories he told of healing without respect for behavior past or present. The Prodigal Son, woman caught in adultery, Saul/Paul, and so on. Sometimes I think that if we just knew one thing and knew it with out any reservation, no question, doubt, we could transform the world-“God IS Love.” Thanks for all you do for these people. Thank you so very much.

  7. Lori Marquart Reply

    How fortunate our inmates are to have such selfless love being expressed which results in physical healing. And great to not be judged or criticized but shown understanding and compassion. I am deeply grateful I am for all the dedication of the volunteers involved in this important work,

  8. Tawny M Cleveland Reply

    Such a joy to hear of the unlimited reach of God’s infinite care. Thank you George for being at the helm of this loving ministry with all those that head the call to serve in the institutional work.

  9. Robin Kadz Reply

    Thank you, George, for this wonderful evidence of the healing power of prayer. The prisoners are so blessed to have your shepherding love, or should I say your imaging of God’s shepherding love, expressed among them so clearly. So grateful each time I hear your testimonies
    on this site, so grateful you are among us all bringing the Christ into all our lives!!

  10. Jan in New Mexico Reply

    Thank you, George, for sharing this wonderful healing story. The work of the institutional committees is so inspiring. And what a joy it is to see the healing power of the Christ at work today. Right there in jail this man was able to claim his freedom and find it!

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