Here’s how one former inmate has managed to succeed on the outside–against the odds. [Video]

If you are wondering how people who found Christian Science in prison fare on the outside, this video is for you.

But before you get to that part of the story, you’ll meet Chaplain Betsy. She explains how an inmate–applying what he is learning of Christian Science–first learns to be a spiritual healer, and how his prayers to be closer to God bring about two remarkable healings.

Yes, the story of this man’s incarceration ends exceedingly well, as you’ll see. What’s just as inspirational is how this man’s life now seems free of the residue of prison…a testament to God’s ability to transform the heart.

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8 thoughts on “Here’s how one former inmate has managed to succeed on the outside–against the odds. [Video]

  1. George Birdsong Reply

    Thank you Chaplain Betsy. . .What an inspiring testimony of the healing and restorative powers of the Christ. It was great how you persevered thru love and encouraged him each step of the way. . . and how cool that he has continued his love of Christian Science introducing his grandchildren to CS as well.

  2. Maureen Thrush Reply

    I love how you pushed right through discouragement of only one showing up, after all your unselfish efforts to be there. And then in walked the one who would demonstrate and carry the word and works.
    With much gratitude for the work you do!

  3. DeAnna Hetinger Reply

    I agree you express a lot of love and acceptance (non-judgment) which is so needed. I work with people through AA and they’re as hungry as I once was and still am but slowly finding my way through Faith in God 💕

  4. Beth Reply

    What an inspiring account of how the Christ touched this man’s heart and is leading him to bless others with his knowledge of God. Thank you so much!

  5. Jan in New Mexiso Reply

    Thank you, Betsy, for sharing this wonderful healing story!

  6. Daniel Suiffet Reply

    What a beautiful and very touching evidence of God’s redeeming power. Thank you \Chaplain Betsy for your selfless work in the prisons. It takes a lot of love, and you certainly express it.

  7. Marilyn Reply

    Chaplain and inmate letting their light shine with healing results.

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