Our veterans can sure use your spiritual guidance and help. [Video]

There are over 100 veterans’ hospitals, clinics, and centers here in the State of California and only (one/two) Christian Science Chaplain(s) currently serving in a veterans’ hospital. One of them is Chaplain Penny.

Today we feature the work being done by Chaplain Penny. You’ll learn about her ministry, about her deep love for God and man; you’ll learn how she is making a difference to our veterans in this institutional setting.

We hope this video message touches your heart. We also hope it makes you consider becoming a Christian Science Chaplain to our beloved veterans. There’s no shortage of need! And what greater work can you do than bring light to those veterans waiting to feel the touch of the Christ?

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6 thoughts on “Our veterans can sure use your spiritual guidance and help. [Video]

  1. Alex Cook Reply

    So powerful! I worked as a CS chaplain in a jail in Boston for 7 years and I never felt more useful. Looking forward to getting back into this kind of work when the time is right. ♥️

  2. Lori Marquart Reply

    What an inspiring and informative video. I had no idea Christian Science Chaplains went to VA Hospitals. I just thought they served in correctional institutions. This was very enlightening. Also, Chaplain Penny was very clear and showed a deep love for what she is doing.
    Lori Marquart
    Santa Ana, CA
    Orange County Institutional Committee

  3. Marilyn Kellar Reply

    Very well put! By separate email, I’ll send David Fowler a website on “You Are Loved” murals. 🙂

  4. Jan in New Mexico Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Chaplain Penny. Wonderful to be able to share Christian Science wherever it may be.

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