Can your thoughts reunite you with an estranged family member? Watch and see. [Video]

When you “burn bridges,” those damaged relationships can be hard to mend. But the real question is, is there any possible way to repair that relationship–especially when it’s your own family that has written you off or doesn’t want anything more to do with you?

The short answer is yes. If you find yourself agonizing over a broken relationship, maybe this video will help inspire you to try again to mend things. Christian Science Chaplain Angela encourages a woman in prison to turn to God to find an answer that resulted in reestablishing a relationship with her estranged son.

If there’s anyone in your life that needs forgiveness or if you’re suffering from a broken relationship, just remember to reach out to God. And keep reaching out until you find peace. Because when there’s “inner peace” answers follow.

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3 thoughts on “Can your thoughts reunite you with an estranged family member? Watch and see. [Video]

  1. George Birdsong Reply

    Well done Chaplain Angela. Having dominion over negative thoughts is so important for everyone including those incarcerated who often feel unworthy. I liked how you focused on loving oneself as well as loving your neighbor.
    The resulting reconciliation was a beautiful proof of God’s love for all.

  2. CLEMENTINE Gigi Suiffet Reply

    Thank you Chaplain Angela,
    I really like the message of stopping and thanking God for dominion over negative thoughts and impulsive reactions. The person you mentioned was blessed by regaining a family relationship. And this gives me encouragement that I, too, can have dominion over negative, useless thoughts. Sometimes, I find it tempting to react negatively to certain events in the news, but that does nothing to solve the problems. Let me thank God first and trust that I will be guided to help others in the right way.

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