Prayer of ‘self-surrender’ provides joyful surprise for woman inmate connecting with her children [Video]

You may not be aware of this, women now make up the majority of inmates going to prison, not just in California but nationwide.

And many of these women have young children; so the separation and the anxiety of not knowing where your children are or who is caring for them can be especially painful and difficult.

In this video, you’ll meet Christian Science Chaplain Chris who has the opportunity to meet regularly with a woman who was anguished at being separated from her two young children. Chris explains what happened to her, but in a nutshell the woman is introduced to a form of prayer that produces some unexpected results–that bless her and her children.

If you need some inspiration right about now, or if you wonder how simply a new approach to prayer can actually improve your life–or the life of others–then the short message in this video is for you.

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3 thoughts on “Prayer of ‘self-surrender’ provides joyful surprise for woman inmate connecting with her children [Video]

  1. Deborah Calloway Reply

    Thank you David and Chaplain Chris and all you who present I am surprised to learn that the number of women going to prison is greater than the number of men. Your account of this woman first feeling the depth of her own prayer connecting her with God and then seeing and acknowledging God’s action in her family lifts my spirit and blesses us all.

  2. Jan in New Mexico Reply

    Thank you, Chaplain Chris, for sharing this wonderful story. It’s proof that truly, “… all things [can and do] work together for good to them that love God …” (Romans 8:28)

  3. Lori Marquart Reply

    What an inspiring report of the successful work being done by our chaplains in the various institutions. I was a single mother struggling financially for most of my daughter’s life.She was only a year when her father and I ended our marriage. But I had Christian Science and we always were very close. My heart just goes out to these women who are separated from their children. I often think of the Bible promise that God places the solitary in families. I am now a great grandmother of six children and I pray for them, and all of the children of the world, daily.

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