Here’s what one church is doing to grow …and it’s pretty interesting. [Video]

Like many people, you may belong to a church. And like many churches today, you and your membership may be trying to get a handle on how best to grow your church and serve your community in a more impactful way.

If so, we think this video might be of real value to you.

We took our camera to a small church meeting of members. Then, unrehearsed, we just let them tell their story of how they went from nearly closing their doors to a church with a clearly defined purpose, and on the rise. Without giving the story line away, these members did something a bit unusual–they drafted a “mission statement” to focus their outreach on local prisons and jails.

This is a great come-back story; one of real inspiration; one you may want to share with your fellow church members and friends.

As always we invite you to leave a comment, tell us your own story, or share inspiration for others to see. We love hearing from you.

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1 thought on “Here’s what one church is doing to grow …and it’s pretty interesting. [Video]

  1. Jan in New Mexico Reply

    What a great way to see progress in church – with the goal to serve the broader community! God is blessing you and all those you serve.

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