Inmate diagnosed with blood disease is healed after meeting with chaplain [Video]

We love sharing these interviews with Christian Science Chaplains.

You are about to hear from Chaplain Sharon who was asked by a man in prison to pray for him, as he had been recently diagnosed with a serious blood disease. But the healing that came extended well beyond that need, as you will see.

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6 thoughts on “Inmate diagnosed with blood disease is healed after meeting with chaplain [Video]

  1. Bruce Reply

    Thanks for these gems of proof God cares for virtually everyone who sincerely turns to Him/Her. The straightforward, humble sharing by the chaplains is always uplifting.

  2. Susan Anderson Reply

    Thank you so much for the inspiring example of healing. It is truly what the work is about.

  3. Victoria Morse Reply

    Another beautiful proof of Immanuel, God with us, meeting that inmate’s need. Thank you, Chaplain Sharon,
    and Light in Prison!

  4. Joanna Reply

    How wonderful, we can all hear God speaking right to us.! I am so grateful to hear this healing.

  5. Jan in New Mexiso Reply

    Thank you, Chaplain Sharon, for sharing this wonderful healing, and how you shared the blessings of Christian Science with the inmate.

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