Need a quick uplift right about now? [Video]

Take a few moments to listen to this timely and uplifting video–and if you like, pass it on to your family and friends.

Remember, your prayers are the antidote that’s needed right now. And by all means, if you’ve got thoughts that might help others, please share them.

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18 thoughts on “Need a quick uplift right about now? [Video]

  1. Sherry Walter Reply

    Very calming talk. Uplifting ideas shared so well. I especially enjoyed the ideas of how you dealt with the scene and atmosphere at the airport. That is a situation we all find ourselves in at one time or another.
    Thank you so much!

  2. Libby Reply

    So appreciate the calm, yet strong, way you shared the truths of God’s ever present love for all. Thank you.

  3. Giv Reply

    Thanks Dave-Nice message for us all for all of us right now.
    All the best- Giv

  4. Ann Jauregui Reply

    How beautiful, Dave. How natural, calming, freeing.
    Lovely to see your face.
    Thank you & blessing to you,
    Ann Jauregui

  5. Kay Hansen Reply

    We are in our first day of shutdown in South Africa. I have loved every minute of the day. There is the most amazing sense of peace and quietude. Never again will have this opportunity of all working and praying for a common goal. Lets use it and not abuse it or lose it. Thank you for this wonderful talk David. I have shared it world wide.

  6. Sasha Reply

    Thank you so much for this timely inspiring video! Loved all the good thoughts, especially “outside of the material senses, all is harmony”! Wow! Yes, turn to the spiritual, away from the material illusion of sickness and sin, however compelling it appears, it is just an appearance, an illusion since God, good is All! To hold thought to good, not this latest drama of the carnal mind. This is a wake-up call to live on that higher level, where we actually dwell as images of Spirit.

  7. George Birdsong Reply

    Excellent reminder of the power and presence of God to meet our daily needs. Great question people may be thinking. “where is God in all this fear” As the Psalmist said “Whither shall I go from Thy presence” God is always on the field doing good, as near as thought., comforting and guiding us. Let the light of Christ shine brightly today and everyday and let it be felt.

  8. Suzanne Reply

    Thank you Dave! This is such a timely prayer for us all to hear, so we can feel the unfailing love God has for us all, and so it can and does make a difference in our lives in very practical and liberating ways as you so kindly explained it.

  9. Susan Anderson Reply

    Thank you, Dave and David. So inspiring. Please tell me who the clarinetist was in the lovely music.

  10. Myra Wilkinson Reply

    🙏Continue David to be rooted in the embodied Truth you know, as Practicing the Presence of God. Based.on following in faithfulness to the Loving God of Reality. That all will.unfold by listening to that ,”Still Voice” and surrendered to this guidance of Compassiom…you will be a strong but gentle witness to the possibility “Today you will be with me in Paradise.,”. And Paradise can show up on this Earth plane encompassing deep listening, and breathing deeply.the newness of authentic Agape. Bless you for your loving Presence. I will pray that your Lovng service be multipled many.times over creating Miracles of Light Bridges🙏🙏🙏.M.W.

  11. Rose Reply

    My heartfelt thanks for this tremendously comforting and healing uplift! So grateful to Dave Stevens, CSB, David Fowler and all involved with Light in Prison for sharing this! This is the healing message the world needs! Share…share…share the Love!

  12. Diane W Reply

    I especially liked where you said people are asking “Where is GOD in THIS?” but WE ask…where is this in God?..Well God is not in this in the same way when Elijah hid in the cave from the people killing prophets…and God was not in the strong wind, and He wasn’t in the fire or the earthquake etc…and He/She isn’t is this earth “quaking” fear either. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing in the prisons and sending out this light to all!

  13. Bev Newsham Reply

    Thank you so much David Fowler, Dave Stevens, CSB and Light in Prison! This was/is Excellent and very Uplifting and Comforting! I have shared it with Friends and Family!

  14. Carolyne Reply

    Thank you so much for posting this! It is perfect for sharing with C.S. friends, those who have been released from our county jail where I have weekly Bible studies, and for my own practice of Christian Science healing.

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