Meet Carlos Part 2: The rest of the story of finding Christian Science serving a life sentence in prison [Video]

Welcome back to Part 2 of Carlos’ story. (View Part 1 here)

As you may remember, he has been sentenced to life in prison where he finds out about Christian Science and what it means to worship God. You are about to see how his story ends!

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9 thoughts on “Meet Carlos Part 2: The rest of the story of finding Christian Science serving a life sentence in prison [Video]

  1. Sharla Calip Reply

    I think light is needing in prison’s, because of those who don’t know no better! These people’s is hurt and homeless from difference between laziness and unreasonable doubt. They need to nourish their seeds with understanding, love, caring, and receiving the words from Jesus daily, because they don’t know what goes around, come around in Jesus eye’s for his Father children’s. We is all God children’s and if we don’t do the right thing with him? Guess what? He will make u sit down think! Yes, Lord. Can I get a Amen on that?

  2. Judith Hedrick Reply

    Thank you Carlos for your story about your victory! I enjoyed learning about it. Christian Science is a great help for everyone. You are a great blessing to our branch church too! Thank you.

  3. Corinne Reply

    Thank you to Carlos for sharing his story of struggle, growth, and redemption. This shows how clearly the light of Truth can reach receptive hearts in any place and bring freedom, peace, and love. It also shows man’s innate goodness, God’s wonderful mercy, and how important the concept of our direct relationship to God is.

  4. Beverly Newsham Reply

    Carlos, what an inspiring story you so kindly shared with all of us! Thank YOu! You showed us so clearly the importance of Listening to God, that still small voice, and finding Freedom and Healing! I also loved how you recognized that if you hadn’t committed a crime and ended up in Prison, you might not have found Christian Science…….! Truly God works in Amazing Ways…..!!! And a Big Thank You to All the C.S. Prison Chaplains!!!!!

  5. kaye cover Reply

    Thank you, Carlos, for your wonderful testimony. You gave helpful advice, and I know you will continue to be an inspiration for others.

  6. Carol Petersen Reply

    Thank you Carlos for sharing your inspiring journey and insight. Carol Petersen, San Diego

  7. Jan in New Mexico Reply

    Loved hearing the rest of the story. And friends on Facebook like these stories, too. 🙂

  8. Roberta Houston Reply

    Thank you, David – this was so heart-warming! I forwarded it to my nephew, Rob Nofsinger, C.S., in WA state.

    • David Fowler Post author

      Thanks Roberta. Feel free to send it to as many people as you like.

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