Inmate’s transformation ends drug use, unifies family. Thank you, Chaplain Lydia! [Video]

The simple sharing with inmates of how God loves each and every one of them can begin a transformation of character — one that helped the man in Chaplain Lydia’s story overcome his drug use and eventually reunite with family. A new understanding of God showed him he’s not doomed to be a “sinner.” Thank you, Lydia!

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9 thoughts on “Inmate’s transformation ends drug use, unifies family. Thank you, Chaplain Lydia! [Video]

  1. Elena Reply

    Thank you, chaplain Lydia, we need more people to remain firm in the Truth that God sees everyone of His Creation with Love, not everybody believes that, probably based on what they were taught when they grew up.

  2. Clementine Suiffet Reply

    I loved hearing your story of how he prayed not only for himself but others. I think transformation is inevitable when you turn to God with your whole heart. And this is what he did. Thank you for sharing, Lydia!

  3. Cathryn G Rathsam Reply

    I am so grateful for your wonderful service, Chaplain Lydia!! You are such an angel sharing Gods inspiration and motivating power to be free of false attachments!! A blessed New Year to you!

  4. Beverly Newsham Reply

    Beautiful, Chaplain Lydia! Thank You for sharing God’s Love with those who are in Prison! What a Healing Mission! Much Love!

  5. Anita Reply

    Thank you, Chaplain Lydia for sharing these inspiring moments of Christly love and truth with all of us.

    We are so grateful for the good the California Chaplains are doing as reflections of good!
    And to David and Gabriel for sharing all these blessings with us.

    These Light in Prison blogs inspire those of us in this Ministry, wherever we may serve, and add to our own treasure of Christly blessings with joy!

  6. Lisa Reply

    Very inspiring indeed. Thank you to all the angels who work in their respective Institutional Committees around the country and the world.

  7. Jan in Laguna Hills Reply

    Thank you, Chaplain Lydia, for sharing this beautiful healing story. Your light shines very brightly!!

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