From LA jail, two inmates pioneer care for mentally ill peers (from

Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles, CA

Check out this excellent article from the Christian Science Monitor about an innovative program being pioneered in the Los Angeles County jail system addressing mental health:

From LA jail, two inmates pioneer care for mentally ill peers

The results are beyond the expectations of everyone, from a top assistant sheriff for the county to the mental health professionals. Self-harming is six times less, compared with other units, according to Ms. Hubbell. Discharging the incarcerated men from the forensic inpatient hospital to this program, known as Forensic Inpatient (FIP) Stepdown, has reduced returns to the hospital by 35%. Beyond the data, you can see the difference in the patients’ eyes and relaxed faces, she says. Outside their cells they are uncuffed (a deputy is always present), attending group therapy, and working as a team on “double scrub” Mondays, when Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Berumen assign chores to clean the two-story pods from top to bottom.

Read the entire article here:

Photo of Twin Towers facility CC BY-SA 3.0 – Jjz3d83

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