Forgiveness brings freedom. Watch this inspiring video with Chaplain Lydia [Video]

Ghosts from our past — how do we escape them? In this video Chaplain Lydia describes how a man in prison learns, through prayer and trust in God, that forgiveness is possible and powerful and liberating!

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5 thoughts on “Forgiveness brings freedom. Watch this inspiring video with Chaplain Lydia [Video]

  1. John A Long Reply

    I’m curious about becoming a corresponding Chaplin. Is it just a California program? What does the corresponding Chaplain position entail? What would I write?

    • David Fowler Post author

      Hi John, to learn about becoming a corresponding chaplain here in California, contact Sharon Maxwell, Executive Secretary at (818)265-7717. Hope this helps, David

  2. Chaplain Anita Reply

    I especailly love the insigful, natural way Chaplain Lidya addresses the past with the simple, basic Truth contained in the Lord’s Prayer. Thank you, Chaplain! This is so inspiring!

  3. Jan in Laguna Hills Reply

    Thank you, Chaplain Lidya. What a wonderful healing of forgiveness.

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