Manage anger? Or heal anger? An inmate learns God’s choice. [Video]

More than “anger management”–can anger be overcome?

In this video Chaplain Sharon describes how a woman in prison, prone to fits of anger, receives an answer from God that goes beyond what she may have expected.

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3 thoughts on “Manage anger? Or heal anger? An inmate learns God’s choice. [Video]

  1. Hal Shrewsbury Reply

    Beautiful Chaplain Sharon Here’ another a few years ago: You say nobody loves me. God says I love you. A young girl I saw in a juvenile hall was angry and on 24/7 suicide watch when I read the “you say, God says” lesson to her in her cell. The following week she was out of her cell with the other girls and I asked about her week. She said she had a great week because since God isn’t angry, neither was she as His image and likeness and since God loves her, she had lots to live for. What a transformation from a girl who had been angry and suicidal from just hearing the Word of God!

  2. Beverly Newsham Reply

    How Wonderful that Chaplin Sharon knew how to Pray for the Inmate and that the Results were Healing and Harmony! Thank You All for Sharing the Truth through Christian Science with Inmates and with the World!

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