Chaplain Chris shares story of an inmate in lockdown who learns how to heal himself and others [Video]

It’s an amazing story. In this video Chaplain Chris tells how one inmate found Christian Science in jail and embraced it whole-heartedly, and is now sharing it with other inmates for healing both himself and others.

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6 thoughts on “Chaplain Chris shares story of an inmate in lockdown who learns how to heal himself and others [Video]

  1. Susie Getzschman Reply

    This is so helpful! i’m moving to Laguna Hills and I’m hopeful of getting back to this work. I’ve been in the CSJIC in St Louis, MO and really enjoyed this work–very rewarding!


    Great Work, Chaplain Chris! Always wonderful to hear about how Christian Science is being shared with Inmates! Those in Prison are perhaps more receptive than most to Christian Science as they have “hit bottom” and have found that the Only Way Out is UP!!! Thank You for this Ministry! New Year Blessings to All!

  3. Gwen McCauley Reply

    :I hesitate to leave a comment because I don’t want my name for all the world to view, but I do want to express my deep appreciation for this prison work. Every ime I read these accounts, I am uplifted; if this is what’s occurring within prison, what are we individually doing out of prison??

    • David Fowler Post author

      Hi Gwen…great question. And just so you are aware, there is a companion ministry called the Embraced:Fully Project ( which assists inmates the day they are released with any number of practical and spiritual needs to help them succeed in society.

    • Erica Yoder

      Truth transforms, regenerates & renews~°♡°~ it aligns us with the All in All True Life/God’s Consciousness.🙏❣🙏

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