Inmate serving life joins with chaplain to pray for girlfriend suffering with covid [Video]

When she was asked for Christian Science treatment for healing by an inmate whose girlfriend had tested Covid-positive, Angela also told the inmate how she would be praying as a Christian Science chaplain. The inmate, invited to pray in the same way, learned that the power of God to heal has an impact on the one who prays.

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5 thoughts on “Inmate serving life joins with chaplain to pray for girlfriend suffering with covid [Video]

  1. Jan in SoCal Reply

    Thank you, Chaplain, Angela, for sharing this delightful healing story! It will continue to bless all involved and around.


    Wow, Angela! So Wonderful! Loved hearing how the Inmate received his Own Blessing by Praying for his Girlfriend! Thank You for being a C. S. Chaplain! You are bringing Sooooo much Good and Healing to our Prisons!!

  3. Clementine Suiffet Reply

    What a special story, Angela! Such important work you are doing -to help someone find their worthiness in God’s eyes and show them how prayer can really make a difference. Thank you so much.

  4. Lee Davison Reply

    Such important work being done by CS Chaplains
    Thank you for sharing how both prayed together.

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