The Biennial Review (below) is for all Chaplains and Chaplain’s Assistants and is required for them to maintain their active status.  It is not a test. But it is an opportunity to consider the rules that have proven problematic in the past.  The Biennial Review is available both online and as a pdf.  If at all possible, please use the online Review.  It cuts down on Office paperwork and automatically sends the Review results to the proper recipients, so that hard copies don’t have to be mailed.

The Corresponding Chaplain Biennial Review is available only online and is for Chaplains who  communicate with an inmate exclusively by letter.  Other Chaplains do not need to take this Corresponding Chaplain Review.

The following are the procedures for both Reviews:

1. Click below on the Review you wish to take.

2.  After submitting the Review, the results are sent to you, your Local Committee secretary, and the State Committee office.  If you use the hard copy, you will need to mail copies to your secretary and the State Committee.

3.  Check that the Local Committee Chair puts your Review on the agenda

4. The Review is discussed at the next Local Committee meeting.

5.  The Local Committee secretary informs the State Office that the Review has been  discussed, and that the Local Committee either approves/does not approve the Chaplain/Assistant for another year’s service.

6.  The State Committee Office records that the Review process has been completed.

The Review is taken every other year, in the years that Chaplains and Chaplain’s Assistants do not complete the  Reappointment Packet.


Biennial Review Online  For all Chaplains and Chaplain’s Assistants.  Takes about 30 minutes

Biennial Review pdf  (If you cannot use the online Review)

Corresponding Chaplain’s Biennial Review (online only) For Chaplains whose contact with an inmate is exclusively by letter.  Takes about 10 minutes.