The Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center lies on 9 acres of land and consists of three inmate-housing facilities under the command of Captain Nina Jamsen. Glen Helen is San Bernardino County ‘s primary facility for housing both male and female inmates sentenced to County commitments.

The Male Facility opened in 1960 as a work camp and had a capacity of 100 inmates in a maximum housing unit. The original site was also used as the Sheriff’s Basic Academy until many years later when the training center was moved to the property just north of the jail. The current facility has two Minimum Security Housing Units and a Maximum Security Housing Unit. Glen Helen has a maximum capacity of 1024 inmates and averages a daily population of 1020.

Plans are currently in development for two additional housing units that will house nearly 500 pre-trial and sentenced county inmates.

Glen Helen’s Female Facility originally opened in 1988 with three dorm units for the housing of county sentenced inmates. An additional Maximum Security Unit was added in 2003 and the complex now houses both pre-trial and sentenced females. The Female Facility has the capacity to house 326 inmates and averages an inmate population of 240 inmates per day.

Working in conjunction with the courts and the Judicial Council, San Bernardino County ‘s Work Release program has been modified to allow more sentenced inmates to qualify for the program. Qualifying in-custody inmates can take specified classes while incarcerated at Glen Helen and, upon completion, may qualify for ‘Work Release’. Under the direction of the court, the inmate can be released before his maximum sentence has been completed in order to reestablish ties with their family. In this way, the individual can return to their former employment and serve the community on their non-scheduled workdays.

The Inmate Services Unit (ISU) is also located at the Glen Helen site. ISU provides services for over 5,000 inmates housed in San Bernardino County ‘s four primary custody facilities and five outlying jails. ISU provides over 25 classes for inmates including Anger Management, Substance Abuse, “INROADS” (Inmate Rehabilitation Through Occupational and Academic Development), and vocational classes such as GED (General Education Diploma), Auto Body, Landscaping, Print Shop, and Commercial Baking. ISU employs 22 teachers through contracts with local schools.

In 2005, the combined Sheriff Reserve and Citizen Volunteer Unit #644 contributed over 3,400 hours of service to the facility. The approximately 10 members of the unit donate their weekends and after-work hours to assist the Work Release staff in supervising and processing inmates participating in the program. The Unit consistently recruits for new members and would welcome interested persons to contact the Unit Coordinator.