Mission Statement

The men and women assigned to the James A. Musick Facility serve the residents of Orange County by providing a safe, secure and humane environment for pre-trial and sentenced inmates.  Inmates are encouraged and afforded the opportunities for self improvement, personal growth and development with a variety of educational, vocational, and religious programs and classes.  The dedicated and trained staff strives to treat everyone professionally with respect and dignity while maintaining or exceeding detention standards and adhering to federal, state and local laws.

The James A. Musick Facility provides custodial and rehabilitative programs for 1,322 adult male and female inmates and ICE detainees. Educational programs are available which enable the inmates to receive a G.E.D. while incarcerated. In addition, educational classes are offered in subjects such as; parenting, substance abuse, math, and government. Vocational Classes that are offered at the facility includes; Sewing, Cabinetry, Welding, Workforce Readiness, and Food Preparation. The laundry facility at Musick also serves the Theo Lacy facility as well as Orange County Juvenile Hall in addition to the laundry needs for the Musick facility.