San Francisco County Jail #4 is a traditional linear jail facility located on the 7th floor of the Hall of Justice. This jail is the maximum security facility of the San Francisco County Jail system. The rated capacity for this jail is 402 inmates and it houses both sentenced and pre-sentenced inmates. Deputy Sheriffs monitor inmate conduct and patrol in cells located on each side of a central corridor or “mainline”. This jail offers inmate programs such as parenting, independent study, alcoholics anonymous, and narcotics anonymous. Parenting skills classes and inmate-child visitation is also offered to mend and heal broken family relationships.

County Jail #4 has an industrial size kitchen that feeds about 850 inmates three meals a day. This jail also has a full scale laundry operation that is responsible for providing clean clothing and linens to about 850 inmates. This jail has its own infirmary and provides medical care to the inmate population 24 hours a day, seven days a week.