The Santa Barbara County Main Jail is a secure correctional facility holding pre-trial detainees as well as male and female sentenced inmates. The Main Jail receives new bookings directly from Sheriff’s Patrol and other south coast police agencies such as the Santa Barbara Police Department, the University Of California Police Department, and the California Highway Patrol. Detainees from the Santa Maria Branch Jail are routinely transported to and housed in the Main Jail.

During 2001, there were 17,337 inmates booked into the Main Jail. The jail’s average daily population is in excess of 640 inmates.

Custody Deputies, supervised by Custody Deputy Sergeants and Lieutenants oversee the security and safety of the inmate population. Regulated by the California Board of Corrections, the facility provides for the basic needs of all inmates, such as clothing, food, and hygiene supplies.

Medical services for inmates are provided by:1 full time administrator; 1 full time Director of Nursing; 1 full time Physician; 1 backup Physician (subcontractor); 7 full time Registered Nurses; 2 part time Registered Nurses; 3 full time Licensed Vocational Nurses; 1 part time Licensed Vocational Nurse; 1 full time Administrative Assistant; and 3 full time Medical Records Clerks. Complete dental facilities are provided for a Dentist who is scheduled at the Jail once a week.

The Mental Health Department provides a psychiatrist and support staff for inmates requiring these services.