The North County Detention Facility (NCDF) is located five miles north of Santa Rosa at 2254 Ordinance Road. Adjacent to the Charles M. Schulz Airport, the site originally housed the Santa Rosa Army Airfield (SRAAF) during World War II. After WWII, SRAAF was deactivated and subdivided into several parcels. In 1967, one of these parcels became the “honor farm” for 35 minimum security inmates. The facility grew to house the rated capacity of 559 inmates until April 1997, when 172 inmates were moved to the expansion at the Main Adult Detention Facility (MADF).

The NCDF sits on 15.3 acres with 9.62 acres for the facility and 5.91 acres used for the Agriculture Program. Facility inmate programs are coordinated by the Program Officer and benefit both inmates and the county. To be eligible for work crew programs, inmates are classified at booking and cannot have violence charges, escape histories, or disciplinary behavior problems. Currently, there are over 200 work crew inmates in variety of work details on & off site which include:

  • MADF and NCDF Laundries
  • Commissary and Food Services
  • Facility Ground, House Keeping and Janitorial
  • Cal Trans, Road and Dump Crews
  • Equipment Garage, Fairgrounds, and Airport
  • MADF Booking and Sheriff’s Car Wash
  • Supervised Adult Crew and Extras
  • Agriculture