Todd Road Jail’s 150 dedicated staff ensure the safety and security of the facility while delivering a wide variety of services to staff, visitors and inmates. The operational philosophy of Todd Road Jail is “interactive inmate management.” Simply stated, this means that staff brings services to the inmates instead of moving inmates to services, therefore providing a safer more efficient operation. Due to the closure of the Honor Farm, Todd Road Jail is in an overflow status, with 8 beds added to each section dayroom in two housing units for a total of 880 beds. The average daily population is 820 inmates.


Staffing has been reduced temporarily to manage an under funded budget. To facilitate lower staffing levels, a “rolling lockdown” was initiated that designates one housing unit each night for lockdown between 1800-0600. Deputies from Grounds and Facilities, Classification and Movement duties have been reassigned to housing duties.


The Food Service Section has a modern 10,000 square foot kitchen that includes a bakery. The kitchen prepares over 2500 meals daily. The laundry provides services for the Pre-trial Detention Facility, Todd Road Jail and Work Furlough. The warehouse handles deliveries and stores food and supplies for both the Pre-Trial and Todd Road Jail facilities. The Commissary section handles all transactions associated with the delivery of sundries and hygiene items to inmates at both facilities.


The Vocational/Industry Complex was designed specifically to provide skills development and vocational training. It is a philosophy and goal of the Sheriff to assist inmates with basic job skills to reduce recidivism and help inmates in becoming responsible, contributing members of the community. Todd Road Jail also operates a 100-acre “Sunkist” lemon orchard with 15% of the revenue directed to Inmate Services.