Volunteer Researcher

The State Committee  is seeking volunteer researchers for a few hours each week. To better assist law enforcement in their efforts to lower the State’s sky high “recidivism” rates (lapse into criminal behavior), and keep “crime in check” we will be tracking the key metrics for how each County Sheriff is progressing in these efforts. This information will be posted on our website and made available to the Local Committees and workers to enable them to better understand the issues faced by the Counties and to enable them to pray more effectively. As a researcher you would be responsible for:

  • Gathering the specific strategies proposed by each County Sheriff for lowering the recidivism rate in their County.  For example, to lower recidivism, a Sheriff may create community programs for “at risk” youth; they may develop educational, vocational training or rehabilitation programs for inmates. They may want to build more prisons. Or they may create more effective “post release” programs. You will learn their strategies
  • Gathering the total number of AB 109 funds each Sheriff has asked the State for and the amount of funds received each month/year in support of their initiatives.
  • Gathering recidivism rates per County per month.
  • Learning the specific issues and concerns of each County Sheriff so that each of our Local Committee “Prayer Team” can specifically address their issues.
  • Communicating with each County Sheriff’s Department each month to learn the results of each Local Committees prayer work.

If you’re interested please contact David Fowler: david@lightinprison.org


One Response to Opportunities

  1. avatar Pam Keiser says:

    HBO has a special coming up on its documentary channel, on Aug. 3 at 9 pm, entitled, “Toe Tag Parole: To Live and Die on Yard A” . This documentary was filled entirely in the honor yard at CDCR – Lancaster. Christian Science Sunday services are held at this yard. One of the attendees at church services is a man who became a Mother Church member while incarcerated.

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