Prison suicide rate escalating

There are about 33,000 mentally ill prisoners in state prisons in California, close to 30 percent of the prison population. The number of suicides in state prisons has soared in recent years, to about 24 suicides per 100,000 inmates a year, a rate about 48 percent higher than the national average.

Yes, there are lots of contributing issues, and the task for those willing to pray for God’s solution is more immediate than to debate the issues or affix blame.

Please share your insights and ideas about how you’re praying:


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1 thought on “Prison suicide rate escalating

  1. @StCharlesCS Reply

    On July 25 I attended an inspiring San Diego Committee meeting. The Committee chose “Open Doors” as the monthly prayer focus for Chaplains, Inmates, Families, Staff, Volunteers and Investors.

    To open doors of minds seemingly hopelessly closed to Life and Love’s blessings at hand is the special commission of Christian Scientists. Sooo… Your Prayer is Requested.(#PrayerRequest)

    The YouTube video on the Light in Prison Channel – “True Life Story of the Men Returning Home Successfully from San Quentin State Prison” ( ) makes a great and uplifting bedtime story. It tells how gardening within naturally manifests a fruitful garden inside that sows the harvest outside. Great examples of Truth healing “mental illness” – after all, all illness is mental…

    And thank you State Committee for the super website outreach and applause for David.

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