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14 Responses to What Christian Scientists Believe (Video)

  1. Such an excellent video! Is it available for use by our Reading Room for an indoor display? We have two holidays in our area, Oktoberfest and Christmas-In-the-Village where we could play it for passers-by. Who may I contact about this? Sincerely, Jim Warren, Assistant Librarian, First Church of Christ, Scientist, La Mesa, CA.

    • avatar David Fowler says:

      Hi James,
      Sorry for the delay. Please feel free to use the video as part of your Reading Room display.


  2. avatar Melanie Henderson says:

    Yes!! It’s all of the above, a treat, excellent, succinct…..WOW, soooooo well done. Thanks to whoever thought this through and brought it to video. Mel

  3. avatar GUINES WILEY-NIEVES says:

    Eric Nelson, Nice to see you on here.

  4. avatar Dean Burke says:

    when is the next meeting in Monclair @ 10 th church & what time should I show up?

  5. avatar Stacy says:

    What a great video! Thanks for the clear explanations of Christian Science. Loved thinking on the things you said about being God’s reflection and the kingdom of heaven.

  6. Excellent video and excellent explanations of what Christian Scientists believe. Thank you.

  7. avatar Susan Krevitt says:

    Thank you, Madelon, Eric, Brian and the Interview/video team for giving this
    gift ~~ A great overview of important points on what Christian Science is
    all about. Truth is being revealed ~ How grateful we all can be!!
    I will definitely share this video and hope others will also.

  8. avatar Laurie Graves says:

    What an excellent video. Thanks you for such a clear message to share with others.

  9. avatar Ines Marshall says:

    Thank you what a “treat” very well done. I am very inspired, wonderful message to share with non Christian Scientist’s.

  10. avatar Karen Rippberger says:

    Wow. Very succinct and clear. Thanks, Brian.

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