Incredible true story of men released from prison who DEFY the return-to-prison statistics!

You’ve heard the story before–the majority of inmates released from prisons in California will re-offend and go back to prison. It’s the sad tale of an endless cycle of defeat.

Until now.

This 19 minute video reveals the wonderfully inspiring story of men released from San Quentin State Prison who aren’t going back. And why they’re happier and more fulfilled on the outside.

An amazing program called Planting Justice, in association with Insight Garden Program and Pathways 2 Resilience has found a way to do the impossible: helping habitual offenders turn their lives around learning to be horticulturists and contributors to their local communities.

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David Fowler

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11 thoughts on “Incredible true story of men released from prison who DEFY the return-to-prison statistics!

  1. Priscilla Reply

    Thank you David for the wonderful reports on healing going on in our prisons. Such a joy to hear and share.

  2. Jessica Peissig Reply

    Thank you so much. What a fantastic idea. How lovable and charming these men are who have found themselves and succeeded so well. I just wish and hope they are around many young people as a good influence. Your work is very inspiring.

  3. Sharon Maxwell Reply

    I loved this video…it was very moving and inspiring. I loved that people acknowledged God’s hand in this and their gratitude. Gardening inside and out is so effective. Jesus’ parables were all about planting and growing things. thank you David for your “vision” and follow through.

  4. George Birdsong Reply

    What an inspiring program. This is proof that compassion, opportunity, prayer and a desire to change one’s life is a resounding success. Is this program being duplicated outside of Oakland? Will share with friends and associates. Thanks so much.

  5. Karen Reply

    This inspiring video is a direct and persuasive rebuttal to the concept of giving prisoners “what they deserve” in the sense of providing only harsh conditions. If we look at it from the standpoint of what the community deserves, doesn’t it deserve to have citizens that contribute and make it a better place to live? I think so. And that translates to giving inmates skills, a feeling of self-worth, a way to support themselves. Isn’t that what we all truly deserve?
    And, by the way. If Planting Peace can afford to pay a living wage of $17.50, then so can Walmart, McDonalds and other chains.

  6. cricket twichell Reply

    This is so inspiring! What a gift . Thank you for sharing and for making such a difference.

  7. Jan in Grass Valley Reply

    This is great! And I will definitely share with others!

  8. Marilyn McPherson Reply

    This IS incredible. I encountered a person fund-raising for Planting Justice in Berkeley about a month ago and made a donation. I’m going to send them more money and spread the word. Thank you for sharing this inspiring video. So many blessings.

  9. Pam Wade Reply

    Wow! This is something I want to share with everyone! Such sincere, gratotide. joy, and appreciation expressed!

  10. Clementine Suiffet Reply

    I loved hearing these stories of inner transformation. It’s great how Insight Garden teaches about working on the inner garden, creating that inner awareness of each person’s abilities and the possibilities of growth ( with character development and employment).

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