A super inspiring mural art ministry inside prisons and jails [Video]

If you’re an inmate in one of California’s 309 prisons or jails you are surrounded 24/7 by cinder block, concrete, steel, and drab colors.

Not exactly the feeling you would want in your home, right?

You’re about to see what happens to a wall inside a chapel, inside a men’s jail, in Santa Ana, California, when it meets mural artist, Alex Cook.

Alex isn’t just any artist. He’s on a mission. His colorful murals and inspirational words have a clearly designed purpose in mind: to instantly uplift the hearts and minds of each person who comes into contact with it. What a gift for the men in this jail.

While we couldn’t film on the inside, you will see a time-elapsed camera capture Alex’s amazing and colorful vision all the way from start to finish.

And picture this: the inmates who are helping Alex paint, are smiling. And that’s the point. When we’re comforted and reassured of our value…we’re happy. And we want to share our happiness with others too.

See if this short video doesn’t bring out a smile in you too.

For more information about Alex and his murals, please visit www.youarelovedmurals.com

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11 thoughts on “A super inspiring mural art ministry inside prisons and jails [Video]

  1. Sandy Haase Reply

    Thank you all for your kind words. I feel privileged to have participated in this event. Alex is such a gem with a powerful message to share. I can’t thank God enough for shepherding this all the way from start to finish. We have had good reports from our chaplains of the message being felt by the inmates. Alex’s YOU ARE LOVED murals project is a very special concept; one that I hope will take off and find its way into many jails and prisons.

  2. Tawny Cleveland Reply

    Dear Alex and Sandy, thank you for your inspiration and gift of Love! You are truly loved as well!

  3. Jean Reply

    What a great universal message and support for all and much appreciation to all involved with this outstanding project.

  4. Kris Reply

    As a Christian Science Reading Room Librarian I’ve had several former inmates come inside to tell me that they were so grateful for having The Christian Science Monitor available to read while incarcerated. They all said that it was the most honest, fair and informative of all the available newspapers.
    Now that I’ve had several of Alex’s pictures laminated and affixed to our windows we can look forward to those released from institutions coming in to say how much his bold and beautiful art/messages has meant to helping them gain a better sense of self-worth as well as creating a spiritual peace.
    What progress Alex is helping us all to make in creating a loving thought each day.

  5. Carol Kerr Reply

    Your work should be featured on the evening news!! L O V E is what we all need. I was told by my son when he was young and we were at a science museum, the speaker asked what are our 3 basic needs, I responded Love for one. He wasn’t expecting that response! It’s especially a need for rehabilitation from any crime! God’s leaving this up to us! Soooo important! Thank you all for serving inmates & our community very well. Makes me want to do something kind for those in prison.

  6. Evelyn Brookins Reply

    This is a mural that we can all paint in our hearts – it will be felt by everyone we encounter. But what a great place to start – where it’s needed most.

  7. Janis Redden Reply

    There isn’t anyone that couldn’t benefit from having a mural to look at every day that says – “You are Loved” – in or out of prison. Thanks for sharing this video.

  8. Marilyn in Berkeley Reply

    This is an inspiring profile of Alex Cook and his You are Loved mural project. Bless this work. He says “There isn’t anyone who this is not true of.” Thank you to Light in Prison for this uplifting story.

  9. Marilyn Kellar Reply

    I have known Alex since he was born and I’m so proud of him!
    He truly lives his message. I’d also like to add another element re: “you are loved”…We have been seeing dogs brought into prisons to be trained by, and to bond with, prisoners. When a dog gets excited to see you, and wags its tail, there is no bluffing there! It’s yet another sign that “you are loved”! Kudos to Alex and his team. Keep spreading the positive messages that make such a difference in peoples’ lives!

  10. Jan in Rio Rancho, NM Reply

    Sending big hugs to Sandy and Alex, and to everyone else involved in this particular mural. So grateful that those inmates attending any service in this chapel will be reminded of God’s love for them. And the love of God that surrounds us all.

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