Woman released from high security mental hospital after chaplain’s visit and prayer [Video]

You may know someone suffering from a mental health issue. Unfortunately it’s not uncommon. It’s a disease that isolates and stigmatizes people and stresses relations in families.

The video you’re about to watch shows a very different method for treating mental illness.

It’s a method you could call, “enlightened prayer.”

Briefly, the situation involves a Christian Science Chaplain by the name of John. And it also involves a female patient residing in a high security mental hospital.

During their visit the need for prayer soon becomes apparent–as you’ll see.

But it’s how God quickly answers those prayers that makes this story worth watching.

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11 thoughts on “Woman released from high security mental hospital after chaplain’s visit and prayer [Video]

  1. Avatar
    Bill Warrick Reply

    What a clear example of the effects of standing with the spiritual, unshakable laws of Spirit. Thank you John and David for making this sharing possible.

  2. Avatar
    Joanna Reply

    God is so good! The chaplain reflected that unwavering, steady Father love that touched the young woman.

  3. Avatar
    Alex Cook Reply

    Beautiful. Thanks to John for the story and David for this good platform of sharing.

  4. Avatar
    Jan in Rio Rancho, NM Reply

    Thank you, John, for sharing this wonderful healing, and for your continuing steadfast and devoted work as a chaplain.

  5. Avatar
    Priscilla Ortegon Pepke Reply

    Thank you David for this proof of Gods Care and healing presence. It is wonderful when we can see the perfect man and rejoice with the healing. It is such a joy to see these healings.

  6. Avatar
    Daniel and Gigi Suiffet Reply

    What cannot God do. This is very inspiring and I am grateful to all the chaplains, like John who are so well prepared when they go out to let their light shine in the prisons. The motto “semper paratus” truly applies to them. Daniel

  7. Avatar
    debwickersham Reply

    Dear David, thank you for recording this, and Dear John, thank you for being a witness to God’s perfect man, and refusing to be drawn in by the counterfeit picture.

  8. Avatar
    Kim Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this healing. Your work is greatly appreciated!

  9. Avatar
    Laura Reply

    So inspiring, your not being impressed with outward appearances and holding to her true identity as God’s child. Thank you!

  10. Avatar
    Madelon Maupin Reply

    This healing of the mental patient really touched me. You are doing such important work, David Fowler, sharing these tremendous demonstrations of the divine Principle, Love, ever at work through faithful workers like Chaplain John. Thank you thank you.

  11. Avatar
    Kris Reply

    Great work through your steadfastness to knowing only God, good could prevail, John. Thank you for sharing this healing with us.

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