Welcome Home, Welcome to our Church – Part 1: Are you prepared to welcome returning citizens to your church? [Video]

Hundreds of men and women are being released from our State Prisons and Jails tonight (and every night).

Many will be homeless. Many will be looking for a church to call “home.” A place to pray and seek God’s guidance.

And all of them will be looking for a warm embrace; a kind word, and for a genuine welcome.

This video, (the first in a series), might alert you to the issues they face; and maybe give you some ideas for how you can successfully welcome these strangers and pilgrims to your church.

As always we invite you to feel free to leave a comment or tell us your own story. We really do love hearing from you.

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7 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Welcome to our Church – Part 1: Are you prepared to welcome returning citizens to your church? [Video]

  1. Barbara Hurwick Reply

    Wonderful video and message. Thank you George and everyone who was a part of this.


    http://fw.to/gsQqpoM this is,the link to a People Making a Difference article in The Christian Science Monitor titled One man’s calling: to reduce conflict in prison.

  3. Madelon Maupin Reply

    Such an important issue I’ve heard George talk about for years. Thank you for putting it front and center for people. Have recommended to our clerk that she put the link of this video into our next newsletter to members.

  4. James Early Reply

    Wonderful message. I visit a Federal Correctional Institution in Connecticut once a week for CS Bible study. The inmates are sincere in their desire to know God better. They deserve to be welcomed with open arms to our churches.

  5. Clementine Suiffet Reply

    Great video about welcoming returning citizens. I believe an inclusive church or faith group has a mission to include those who feel they’ve been ostracized because of their past. Everyone deserves another chance. There is a lot to learn – from those reentering society and from those who are on the receiving end. I’m sure it isn’t easy to reach out to different faith communities, and people searching should find a “home” where they are appreciated for who they are and where they feel safe. In Matthew 25: 35-36, we are encouraged to help those in need. I feel that helping and giving to others should be something that doesn’t feel like an obligation but is completely natural because it comes from the heart.

  6. Jan in Rio Rancho, NM Reply

    Thank you, George, Deb, and Parker. It is so important for those coming to our churches after being incarcerated to feel the welcome love of the Christ. While serving as a chaplain, it was wonderful to see some of the individuals I had met on the inside coming into our Reading Room or attending church. They can be encouraged to continue with their study of Christian Science, to call a Christian Science practitioner, and/or continue to come into the Reading Room and to attend church. They are so loved and we can affirm that by our actions toward them.

    • Daniel and Gigi Suiffet

      thank you so much for this inspiring video which shows the Golden Rule in operation. Here, in Grand Junction, CO I am not aware of any released incarcerated person, but if they were to come to our Christian Science church or reading room, we would welcome them with an open heart. I am echoing Clementine’s reply when she quotes Matthew 25 : 35,36 and we might as well add verse 40 “… verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Again thank you for your wonderful ministry. Daniel

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