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In this short video, you’ll see how how a man in a county jail learns a few simple things about prayer. And then uses those ideas to heal himself very quickly.

And according to Christian Science Chaplain Bill, the man is so inspired by how God heals, that he turns around and heals his sister–who is facing the prospect of an operation.

What I find so fascinating about this story–and every story where God is involved–is how simple effective prayer is.

See if you don’t agree.

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7 Responses to Newly incarcerated inmate learns how to pray and heal [Video]

  1. avatar Joanna says:

    This is primitive Christianity! So pure and precious and powerful. Than you.

  2. avatar Carol says:

    Thank you, Bill, for sharing this inspiring and uplifting experience in this very important work.

  3. avatar George Birdsong says:

    Thanks Bill for this inspiring message of receptivity and healing in your ministry work. Amazing grace!

  4. avatar Daniel and Gustel Suiffet says:

    What a child like faith in the simplicity and power of the Truth… If I may quote from S.&H. page 13 :”Love is universal in its adaptation and bestowals. It is the open fount which cries,”Ho, everyone that thirsteth, come ye to the waters.”
    Thank you Bill for sharing with us the good work going on in these institutions. And thank you to David for making this video available to us all. Daniel, and Gustel

  5. avatar Sue in the Sierras says:

    The wonderful expectation of healing is so delightful to hear voiced. Thank you!

  6. avatar DeAnna Hettinger says:

    You are an inspiration!

    I work with addicts and being in recovery myself and am revisiting Christian Science from my upbringing….institutional work is so rewarding and there is light in these locked up and sometimes mentally dark places.

    I heard “willingness” and the spiritual laws being clearly explained through Christian Science. What an amazing discovery by Mary Baker Eddy.

    Again thank you, it reminds me of the power of hope and what’s really

  7. avatar Jan in New Mexico says:

    Wonderful, Bill! Thank you so much for sharing these healings in this most important work.

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