Welcome Home, Welcome to our Church – Part 2: Are you and your membership prepared?

As you know hundreds of people are being released from prisons and jails today in California. Some of these people have been helped along by Christian Science Chaplains. And some will be coming to your church.

Are you and your membership prepared to greet and embrace them?

This video, (which is the second in this series), features two interviews. One with Christian Science Teacher Dave Stevens and another with Chaplain Dan Bort. Both shed light, insight, and some practical encouragement for welcoming the strangers back to society and into your church arms.

As always we invite you to feel free to leave a comment or tell us your own story. We really do love hearing from you.

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7 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Welcome to our Church – Part 2: Are you and your membership prepared?

  1. Connie Wahl Reply

    Thank you current and former Chaplains for so deeply sharing your love for mankind through this humble work, and thank you to all who are making these videos. The videos are so helpful for us to see much more clearly the Institutional Committee work.

  2. Kristen of Sacramento Reply

    Great healing work & testimonies from Christian Science Teacher and Practitioner David Stevens and Chaplin Dan Bort in this wonderful video presentation by David Fowler makes the work of our Christian Science Institutional Committees even more rewarding and assuring of ‘the truth that sets mankind free- physically, mentally, morally, and spiritually.
    Thank you to you all- you are lights shining in the darkness and your love is known and felt by one, then two, then four….

  3. Clementine Suiffet Reply

    This inclusive, non-judgmental approach is definitely what is needed from us, whether we are in or outside of the church community. It really shouldn’t make a difference where we are. Are we really accepting our fellow brothers/sisters for who they are as children of God? We are all from the same Father and nothing can keep us from sharing this Christ love as Jesus taught us to.

  4. Daniel Suiffet Reply

    I feel very inspired to hear about the beautiful and selfless work of our chaplains; and the ensuing healings. This all embracing Christly love works indeed wonders. A sincere thank you for letting your light shine so brightly. Also my thanks to David for the lovely video. Daniel, Grand Junction, CO.

  5. Anne Cooling Reply

    We can have more faith and trust in God, divine Mind, than fear or mortal mind, which are only suggestions. Thank you for the video. What an opportunity to be healers by seeing the correct view of man!

  6. Jan in New Mexico Reply

    Thank you, Dave and Dan, and the California State Institutional Committee for sharing this message of wonderful reminders to all of us to see everyone entering our churches the way God sees them, through the eyes of Love. I, too, am very grateful for the workshop on institutional work held over TMC Annual Meeting weekend. Nan (above) has made some good suggestions here. Loving blessings to all involved in this healing work!

  7. Nan Stewart Reply

    This is all embracing and brought tears to my eyes with great joy at seeing it and hearing your deeply Christian messages. Our CS group in New Jersey works ardently to embrace the prison community, those inside and outside, and recently had Jose de Dios Mata lecture in Trenton. It was quite marvelous, and he garnered deep respect and great gratitude. Also our NJ members attended recently TMC Annual Meeting “Prison Meeting” which gave us some recognition, but we are asking TMC for much more: documentation-recognition of TMC Members’ prison workers, communication among our CS Institutional councils and members and permanent notices in the Sentinels for anyone making inquiry. Onward and upward with great gratitude for your wonderful Part !! here. Please continue with these, and we will circulate them widely.
    God Bless! Lovingly, Nan Stewart, CS.

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