Inmate’s prayer heals need for heart surgery – Guest interview with Janet Horton [Video]

If you could you use a little inspiration right now then this short video will bring a smile to your face.

This story told by Janet Horton, a former Military Chaplain and Christian Science prison ministry worker, is about an inmate in prison who–while in “lockup” or isolation–experiences a profound transformation of the heart.

In fact his spiritual transformation is so profound the need for a scheduled heart surgery and medical attention to a piece of metal lodged in his foot become unnecessary.

Take a look. See if this story doesn’t touch your heart too.

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7 thoughts on “Inmate’s prayer heals need for heart surgery – Guest interview with Janet Horton [Video]

  1. Tawny M Cleveland Reply

    So grateful for this dear one’s experience. So grateful for the work our chaplains do!

  2. Jan in New Mexico Reply

    Thank you, Janet and David, for sharing this wonderful healing of the heart. Such blessings we see in this holy work.

  3. Carol Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful healing and ‘transformation of the heart’! I am sharing this with the members of my church.

  4. Kristen from Sacramento, CA Reply

    “Remember, thou canst be brought into no condition, be it ever so severe, where Love has not been before thee and where its tender lesson is not awaiting thee.” MB Eddy
    Miscellany 149 -150 (Prose Works)

    This testimony and Mrs. Eddy’s words above are proof, yet again, that healing is a natural outcome of human beings yielding their will to God’s grace under fire.

  5. Susan Anderson, Bainbridge Island, WA Reply

    Thank you so much, David, for sharing this beautiful healing. “Whenever the heart speaks, however simple the words, it is always acceptable to those who have hearts.” Mary Baker Eddy.

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