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When a young woman from Mexico enters the U.S. to visit family, she’s quickly apprehended by the police and put in jail–because she lacks proper documentation.

Not able to communicate to the outside world, no one in her family knows what has become of her.

Wouldn’t you, like her, feel “terrified” and alone if you were suddenly locked-up and unable to call for help?

But God doesn’t leave us alone to suffer; but is here for us now. And in the case of this story, God sends Christian Science Chaplain Marjorie to not only bring compassion, but to show this young woman how prayer brings freedom.

If you too need some inspiration right now, then maybe this video might help you find it.

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7 Responses to Arrested, alone and terrified – young woman gets reunited with family [Video]

  1. avatar Susan Collins says:

    What a moving, illumining story.
    It touched so many areas: Chaplain Marjorie’s background, insight, and devotion to the work; our ‘judicial’ system; the remarkable and endless possibilities that come through institutional work, for both the inmates; their staff; the Chaplains involved., etc.
    The setting was so lovely too! A wonderful, instructive testimony!!

    Sincere thanks,

  2. What an inspiring case of God’s love — for the young woman and for guiding Chaplain Marjorie in how to work with her. These are such inspiring stories. Thank you to David Fowler and all who contribute.

  3. avatar Alex Cook says:

    Wonderful! God reaches the darkest places. Thank you for this report!

  4. avatar Bill Priest says:

    Thank you Marjorie
    That was a lovely expression of God’s law of adjustment

  5. avatar Samuela says:

    Thank you for this important work, Chaplain Marjorie and David. blessings

  6. avatar Susan Anderson says:

    Thank you so much for this loving report of God’s love in action. It is such a help to me in my daily life not to mention my work in a Washington state prison. Thank you, Marjorie and to David for posting this inspiring report.

  7. avatar Patricia says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful example of God’s Love for all! The young college student, her family (perhaps worried about her wherabouts), the merciful Judge and court, the attorney, dear Chaplain Marjorie, this site and those who manage and support it, and our wonderful teachers, from the Holy Bible, and from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Blessings!

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